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3/3 c10 1FailedKeikaku
Always a joy when i see this updated, some more lightharted moments in this compared to the original (not read in like 5 years so i may be wrong) and seriously... you waited weeks deciding whether to put janeway in? screw her! (literally) great work! I am a patient man so i can wait:)
3/3 c10 OneThousandSwords
I hope he does shoot her the next time he see's her lol
3/3 c10 4korrd
I've always preferred the idea that Section 31 was merely the Federation's answer to the Obsidian Order or the Tal'Shiar, rather than whatever the heck STD made it into. I've also thought that by and large, it was a civilian organization, similar to the CIA, rather than a military one which was why it could block Sisko and other Starfleet officers from getting information on them. I don't think they're the entirely cut off entity Bashir and Sisko thought they were, just that neither of those men had anywhere near the clearance required to know about them. I'd say much like modern US intelligence organizations, they are answerable to the Federation Council and everything about them is kept in closed session. And with how private they are, they unlike organizations today, can keep their secrets without someone leaking them.

The problem with both the Obsidian Order and the Tal'Shiar is that they are well known organizations. Everyone knows about them. Fear is a tool, but one that the Cardassians and Romulans use too much. Section 31's problem on the other hand is that it isn't known enough. The issue there is that if they ever needed to coopt Starfleet resources, it could take valuable time to do so.
3/3 c10 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
nice showing with the recruitment mission for section 31 always liked Sloan
nice addition with Janeway perhaps she wont be knows as insane way in this story.
3/2 c10 3Cyan Sung-Sun
It was a pretty good scene to include. Nice work.
3/2 c10 red demon161
Nice very nice. It's great to see an update. It's also nice to see Gothic continue it Risan adventure. The firefight scene was awesome. It also gave us a glimpse at what his augmentations and his training forged him into.

I was pretty sure he was going to run into Dax like in the original but Janeway was a surprise. A surprise but I didn't have a problem with it. Now all Gothic has left to do is track down that hot young cocktail waitress and show her the 'stars' so to speak. :)
3/2 c10 Spiritblade89
great chapter! I look forward to seeing the next one!
3/2 c10 TigerJacob
Well visiting definitely had all sorts of pay offs, wonder if and when he'll get back at natalie. Thanks for the read!
3/2 c10 l4w
Nice chapter and I was not surprised by Jadzia showing up but Laneway is a fun and sexy surprise.
Thanks and I am looking forward to more
3/2 c10 AnimeA55Kicker
Well its good he got to scratch Janeway off the list before she gets shot into the Delta quadrant, if that is still going to happen.
3/2 c10 Eins minus zwei
yea.. this chapter destroyed it for me. The MC is a cringe beta male and everything happens because "oh nooo, ROB did it!" so retarded...
3/2 c10 Kalstorm99
Great chapter!
3/2 c1 Flygar
Kinda boring rolling over for Section 31 like that. Expected some grumption, not, you're OK, I guess I'll be your bitch.
3/2 c10 marlastiano
Funny :)
2/11 c9 Pater Richard
I must say I am a little disappointed. This Chapter beginning with the Neural Interface was the only really good part, from my opinion. This...this little Fake Spy just feels so stupid and a lobotomy Monkey would be better for this part in the Story rather than this. "Hello there, I am a Spy for the federation, totally newbie but try really hard! *stutter* would you like to meet m e later in my room where I can Kill/question/torturing/Fuck/Shift Blame from me to you.../reveal Iam a slaver to kidnapping you/etc.? *stutter end ,so oblivious fake*"

sorry if I rant here a little bit. You are a great Author, but this part just pissed me off and seems WRONG.
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