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2/5 c1 SorryNoName
Hi first off love your work and the second thing is a request and you don't have to take if you don't wont to, it is if you where will to let your main charter to build a NSEA Protector (From Galaxy Quest) it is about 441 meters long so it is in the mield of a nebula class and a excelsior class it dose have a star trek feel but still has its own look, any way thanks for listing to me ramble on.
Ps, fun fact the seral number on the Galaxy Quest move ship stats off with NTE which stand for Not The Enterprise lol.
2/6 c9 kimiko 4
I love the story and i can't wait for the next chapter.
2/3 c9 Eins minus zwei
I really hope the whole "patron" stuff gets explained soon because as it is now it is sabotaging the story. I really hope there is some super complex plot behind the existence of the "patron" beyond just "God gives me wishes" cringe tier garbage.
1/25 c9 V
Keep it up , excellent.

Update once every month
1/25 c9 Steve
I like this rewrite more than original, though I reserve any great praise until it get's to about half-way where first version is to have enough material to really compare. Plus it would be unfair from me to compare stories in this moment since I didn't like "Risa Arc" of this story. The whole Natasha Romanov-expy just somehow didn't work for me back then and doesn't right now, though at least your version have MC "respect local culture" here. Heh. 7 out of 10 cause I'm snob.
1/25 c1 Guest
enough of self inset and the stupid wall of text gamer stoires.
1/25 c9 Henry
Thanks for the chapter.
1/25 c9 nice chap
hello I love this story! I do have a small problem of, chapter size vs update rate.

the story is pretty good, I love how you focus on small details and flesh out the world.
1/26 c9 Devilking1994
Great story so far i can't wait to read the next update

I loved the way he used the mental controls for his ship for designing an update to his last Hologame really smart to use it that way so well probably see many more Holos by him in the future
1/26 c1 2Tendragos
I’m glad to see this fic being updated! I recently read through the original and quite enjoyed it. As an author that’s just starting out, I sympathize with the amount of effort it takes to edit. (My fic started out with nearly 20k word chapters, but they were a rather large amount of work to edit so I switched to 10kish)

I read through your profile, and while it isn’t complete, you might enjoy my fic, Elune’s Pebble. I agree with most of your tastes, no chance of this fic having a Harry/Ginny or Tonks/Remus pairing. I’m always looking for insightful feedback.
1/26 c9 3Stereborg
The neural interface part of this chapter felt cut short and the shift of focus from that to Risa is another thing. It could have gone better but the chapter is already good so there's no problem.

I just hope the next chapter doesn't like this one. Or, if you could give a narrator's POV, it might allow some spotlight on things you would want to be known or use it as diversion. Almost everything thus far has been straight forward. There may be a few jumps, a back and forth, between different ideas, but it is locked to the MC's POV.

Just hope to see more of the story, with altered plot, since Gothic has dropped the first one.
1/26 c8 1D72
Not sure why you didn't just give him a Raven class. It's pretty close to the scaled down corvette as is, at least visually.

Kind of a sleeper, have the outsides look like a common crapper and have the insides be tricked out.
1/25 c9 4hordac85
1/25 c9 kenodoxia
I hoped tha you would go a bit different direction that the other augment gothic. this just seems too forced and made gothic seem a bit dull. this interaction went exactly the same as the other one. so he's just gonna be led around the nose by a painfully bad attempt at espionage. And how does some non answers just make someone go crazy. this just seems dumb and not well thought out
1/25 c1 kenodoxia
the natalie bit is really weak
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