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for The Thing in the Basement

6/3 c1 12starspatter
Ooh, neat to see this cut concept come to life. The characterizations are really good, with the way Bruce tries to justify his actions... And poor Tim, if he really does know the original Joker is still alive it may be a weight off his conscience in one way, but at the same time how conflicted he must feel about it. / Joker being unable to keep track of Bruce's kids, but always remembering the face of his one true (*cough* love) archnemesis despite his own deteriorated mental facilities definitely speaks to the destined twisted dynamic between them, as well as him lamenting being unable to get the "last laugh". (Also I approve of the canon that Bruce is a terrible cook. 3b)
6/1 c1 Guest
I loved it. I always thought that this was a possibility for a good fanfic and you did great.
4/27 c1 ShadowDragon96
I could totally see this happening. Good job.

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