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for All Things Must Die

5/5 c14 Neowolfdraco15
Good story please keep working on it
4/30 c16 FoxSage001
Fam your really the best!
4/30 c16 zerogundam87
In the words of Deadpool from Super Showdown Bowl
Too many references to be named, BRAIN OVERLOADING
4/27 c16 12Victori
didn't have this favorites before for some reason so I just experienced the pelasure of binge reading this story and I'm excited for the next chapter!
4/26 c16 RedDemonEye
OK that was probably my favourite character so far hands done poor poor ace ops never stood a chance never had ironwood I believe winter should live not only can this be a good bargaining chip to stop weiss but I believe naruto could show her the truth and bring her around naruto is good at that kind of thing anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day. P.s Fluff and Spice very very nice.
4/24 c16 Xavier Arias Gonsalves
There's the title phrase. Let's pack it up everyone! In all seriousness though what's up with the love triangle going on between them, is it actually going to be Salem x Naruto x Cinder. Cuz I doubt you will go for that NTR shit but I just want to know.
4/23 c16 19NeoNazo356
I did NOT expect Salem to drop a whale on his head... Nice.
4/21 c16 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
4/21 c16 dudepotatos
Salem replying to Winter's declaration with "Then you will die braver than most" would have been the icing on the cake
4/21 c16 dudepotatos
I got that reference XD
4/20 c1 SG
What proof do you have that he’s a nazi? At this point your just throwing petty accusations at him for no reason. Just learn to live with the fact that Neon is not quitting, deleting his stories, or killing himself and go away.

You must have the worst life ever in existence if this is how you choose to spend your time which is absolutely pitiful. That or considering your grammar you’re a child who knows only a few words.

Why don’t you actually do something useful with your life instead of spending it leaving shit flame reviews.
4/20 c16 Starserg
Thank you for the great chapter :)
4/20 c16 Guest
Go fucking die like the nazi shitbag you are.
4/20 c16 AngelFaux
Mu condolences for your dogs, I hope things begin to look up for youz because honestly? I'm really starting to get worried for you since there's an issue you're suffering under a lot of the time.
4/20 c1 SG
Dude why do you keep leaving comments if you hate te story? And who the hell is Ryan Duff? Why is this guy so important to you?
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