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for The Extraordinary Spider-Man - Vol 1

8/7 c23 4Rollerparty
I attempted Arkham City's trophies; gave up around 100. It takes forever. The only Arkham game I've ever gotten all trophies in was Arkham Origins, and that still took forever. And don't worry, your schedule is better then mine! I have been late for every upload with one of my stories... And it's getting to the end? This is the only Spider-Man fanfic I read, what else can I read about Spider-Man? :(
And it's coming... The beginning of the end... And Spider-Gwen at any point? Amazing chapter, can't wait for more (and sad about it ending soon *cries*)
8/7 c23 Guest
I still would like for Gargan and Peter to meet outside of costume again...

Even then, I wonder if Scorpion and Spidey will become respectful allies in the future.
8/7 c23 Teller-Story
I could see Rhino revealing his rhino tattoo when and if he gets his other costume.
8/7 c23 Marvel Nerd
I like how Aleksei is choosing to view himself more as the Rhino. I wonder if he always held an interest in Rhinos since he was young...
8/7 c23 Fate-Be Changed
Bad news...Carmilla is in danger, I wonder if Scorpion will have to team up with Spidey to save her?
8/6 c23 4ShadowStrike234
This was a very heartwarming chapter, and i love the chemistry between Peter and Gwen. I'm hoping that Peter confronts Charlie soon and some shit goes down. Also, Norman is finally making his biggest move. I genuinely cannot wait for what comes next. Also, since Jean DeWolff has a big role in this story, any chance we'll get the Sin-Eater storyline soon?
8/6 c23 highlander348
I really wish Gwen would gain spider powers so she could help Peter as his partner! He needs someone to watch his back. He is all alone out there. This is the love of her life after all. Please give that idea some serious thought. Thank You!
8/1 c22 Valt
Peter and gwen should be together. PeterXgwen
8/1 c22 Chamba5567
We want peter and gwen to be together.
7/31 c22 Guest
What could Gwen have to say to Peter, I wonder...?
7/31 c22 Teller-Story
Still think Rhino could have the rhino tattoo upon his body? I think it would make him look badass, wouldn't you agree?

Will Rhino come to see Spider-man as more of an equal?
7/31 c22 SpideyXBC
I wonder...will Black Cat come into this series eventually?
7/31 c22 Geek4Life
So now Osborne and the Kingpin know the truth. So, I wonder what they will do about it?

Not to mention, how will Carmilla come back into this?
7/31 c22 Marvel Nerd
Will Rhino eventually get his main suit? The one which is removable?
7/31 c22 Fate-Be Changed
With that little outburst, Scorpion REALLY seems concerned for Spider-man's well-being. Despite his claims of just wanting to be the one to kill him personally, it feels like Scorpion absolutely frantic at the idea of Spider-man getting killed.

It is truly coming off to me like Scorpion has come to genuinely care for his rival. At this point, I would not be surprised if he doesn't want Spidey killed or dead. In a way, Spider-man is all Scorpion has left; the only one he feels he can truly relate to as both a fellow arachnid and one who was born due to unfortunate circumstances.
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