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10/23 c8 3Opalander
Anyone else having troubling loading up chapter 9?
10/16 c44 SuperSaiyanFever
Always wanted to see a Great Ape duke it out with another kaiju. It's gonna take more training before Byleth can gain self-awareness when in that form, ain't it? Well then, we'll just have to hope Sothis can hang on to the reigns long enough for this to work.
8/11 c43 SuperSaiyanFever
The Saiyan is back on her feet, stronger and ready for Round 2.
7/23 c42 Orango Kunna
Yay I'm finally caught up. I can't wait to see Lord Slug in action...Hopefully the gang can defeat him.
I really love crossovers.
6/28 c26 Retrogenesis
boom bang pow bong bazinga
6/26 c42 SuperSaiyanFever
They may have defeated the army, but 141 is about to face off against a Super Namekian. Those guys ain't easy to beat. It don't help that Slug, like all Namekians, can regenerate lost body parts. Maiming him will only slow him down for a few seconds at best before the damage is undone.
5/4 c41 SuperSaiyanFever
So far, the natives are holding their ground. But for how long can they sustain this? And will Byleth be able to master her power in time to turn the tide? We'll just have to find out next time.
4/6 c40 Guest
Just wanted to say this is one of my favourite fanfictions. I love when stories actually merge the worlds when doing crossovers. When can we expect to see the z-fighters? They did have a few cameos, but apart from that?
3/24 c40 SuperSaiyanFever
Well, if you're looking for ideas on a Dragon Ball/Kingdom Hearts crossover, try one that involves Goku's mom, Gine. No better way to say "Fuck you, Frieza!" than a Saiyan on Planet Vegeta surviving the world's demise and landing on another world.
2/16 c39 SuperSaiyanFever
And they don't have Dragon Balls to fix the damage. Byleth is about to start fighting like Future Gohan. Wait a sec! Ki can be shaped into almost anything! Can she just focus her Ki to create a makeshift arm?
1/11 c38 SuperSaiyanFever
Well, that shit went south fast. If Byleth ran out of Divine Pulses and lost an arm in the fight, then the others need to think of something good, and fast. Namekians have super sharp hearing, so attacking Slug's ears with sound may help.
1/10 c38 NickNays135
This was a fucking amazing chapter to break in the new year! The fight scene between Byleth and Slug was fantastic, and served as a great reminder of the Totem Pole. Fodlan may have strength, but they are nothing to the greater Dragon World, as least for now. Seeing Byleth's beatdown from Slug was a handy reminder of this fact. You described the injuries Byleth received perfectly, and I loved the arm removal! We dragon ball fans often forget that losing an arm when you aren't a Namekian is pretty metal. I can't for the next chapter of this and AMITR. Until next time, find out on !
11/10/2022 c37 SuperSaiyanFever
I'm pretty sure Goku forgot about the telekinesis thing when he was told about Vegeta and the Frieza Force being on Namek.
10/15/2022 c36 Duke
I’m looking forward for the story of Saiyan Robin, I’d like to see how she survived planet Vegeta’s destruction. Wonder how half Saiyans Lucina and Morgan will turn out, play that Awakening version.
10/16/2022 c36 NickNays135
I think the Ashen Wolves Saga was a great success. I loved everything about it, including how the Wolves used their Ki abilites. I'm very excited for the next chapter, and unveiling of the Dragon World's version of Awakening. Can't wait to see it all!
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