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9/26 c21 19Olafur Neal
9/25 c9 Olafur Neal
I cannot.
9/25 c7 Olafur Neal
I am loving this but also like Tim and Mike are so obviously boyfriends I'm just laughing everytime Patrick and Shelagh are completely oblivious.
9/25 c1 Olafur Neal
So it's been awhile but I've fallen down a Patrick/Shelagh hole and this is filling a very specific fanfic need so thank you.
8/10 c21 Nora
Thank you ever so much for sharing this magnificent story! Great writing and plot! This is one of the best Turnadette story I've read in the past year(s)!
5/25 c21 36MariaLujan
I can't believe this wonderful story is over! It was beautiful to have the opportunity to read it. I will wait for more things from you, your writing is perfect!
5/25 c21 Tjcain
Thank you for a beautiful story. I was sad to see it end. Now I wait with bated breath for your next story.
5/24 c21 23alwayssmilingsam
What a lovely story. I'm so sorry to see it end, I've enjoyed every installment.
5/24 c21 70rahleeyah
THIS IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING. I love how sweet their coming together is, the joy they've found in one another, their perfect wedding, their trip to Paris, and having Sister Julienne at the wedding was a beautiful touch. But oh, the delivery is the most wonderful part, this reminder of how they met, how well they work together, the joy they both find in doing this work, together, and the way it gives them hope and a purpose for the future. And Harry better gets his ass home! Beautifully done babes this was a wonderful note to end on.
5/22 c20 rahleeyah
Oh maaaaaaan how do I love this let me count the ways. Ok so first of all, god well done you two. I absolutely love the way they fully embracing this aspect of their relationship and just going for it and enjoying themselves and oooof the smut is Good. Second, I love that Patrick didn't initially think about protection; they're not as young as they once were and it's not likely to be foremost in his mind but he is a doctor and he should know better and I love how that realization crashes in on him. Shelagh not quite understanding what's happened and why he's made that choice and being uncomfortable with it works so well; she has so little experience in this area. And I really, really like their conversation. Shelagh is still Shelagh, struggling to balance her new life and the rules and expectations that governed the old one. But they work their way through the problem together confronting the truth about what it means to be married at this stage of their lives and ending on the same page. It's a conversation that needed to happen and you navigated it well.
5/18 c19 rahleeyah
UGHHHHHHHHHHH THESE SWEET BOYS! How cute is this? They are so soft and precious. I love how Patrick's understanding of Shelagh informs the ring they choose and I love that he wants to involve the boys in his proposal bc they're family. This is just so. NICE.
5/18 c19 23alwayssmilingsam
Another update! Looking forward to the next installment...
5/17 c19 36MariaLujan
Oh please this is so cute! They find the perfect ring and there will be a perfect proposal!
5/16 c18 23alwayssmilingsam
I love this. Every update makes my day. Patrick's reaction was perfect.
5/16 c18 70rahleeyah
Ooof this is so MUCH like that moment of uncertainty when everyone else thinks Patrick's upset bc he doesn't approve and it takes Shelagh telling him to be kind to make him see the way his behavior has been interpreted? Oh my heart. Patrick going back and showing just how much he loves his son and being so open with him? Are you happy? Are you safe? Ughhhhhhhhhhh i love this little family so much.
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