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for Spells in Silence

4h c40 Gwest
I just realized that Hazel should've had flying lessons the HP lexicon points out, they started for Gr. and Sl. the second week, probably Huf. is not far behind.
6h c40 1Maxed959
Wow that was a powerful chapter! Thank you very much!
8h c40 Guest
I’m so happy that we got a new chapter ! I’ve been having a shit time with school and I really needed a pick me up, so I decided to re read your fic and Lo and behold ! A new chapter ! The familiar impotence felt by Hazel when people around her just plain ignore her words and try to make her do things her way hits me in the gut. Btw your story comforts me in the opinion that tight knit Hufflepuff is hard on members of their own house that don’t fit in, or don’t soften themselves and are nice to everyone.
This is my first revue on your story (obviously not a native speaker, pardon my errors) and I think it won’t be my last, I just get so excited when I read your work and I need to expel the extra energy,
See you soon
10h c40 2shadowmere388
This really is coming to be one of my favourite hp fics, top ten. As always, eagerly awaiting the next chapter
14h c26 Solti
don't kill the hags! you gave me all kinds of plot vibes with the last part
15h c40 Guest
Lmfao shut up. No one gives a shit if you are gonna drop the story. If you want to read something that is strictly adheres to canon then go read the original books.
17h c40 Master-Xavier
I love how despite Goblin Rebellions only being mentioned TWICE in the entire series, one of which was as a refresher before their OWLs since it will quiz them on everything they've seen, the fandom has somehow accepted that that is the only thing they teach in History of Magic.

More seriously I'm honestly considering dropping this story, I used to have a rule where if an HP fanfic doesn't give Harry the phoenix wand for whatever reason then I'll just drop it because most often than not it was a sign that the author was going to take everything in canon in bad faith, where every interpretation of the lore would be taken in the worst way possible to show how bad everything in the world is and how great the protagonist is for opposing it, as well as being obvious that they haven't read the books in over a decade and are merely using vague recollections and headcanons to keep their version together, I'm not saying that the Wizarding World doesn't have it's fair share of problems, because it certainly does, but eventually it just gets tiring hearing about how there's nothing good about it.

By the time that scene happened here however I was already hooked so I decided to give this one a chance, and I feel it is falling into the same traps as all those other fics, while I understand Hazel has a lot of incomplete information and her own bias the fact that there's no serious counter from anybody that doesn't make them look worse frankly makes it hard to see what I'm supposed to disagree with when quite a lot of things are either popular fandom complains or specifically made up for this fic to make the world even worse than canon.

When everything you hear from Hazel, and other protagonists like her, is simply more and more different ways about how Hogwarts sucks and wizards are the worst it makes the setting frankly just lose a lot of its, well, magic, if there's nothing fantastical about the literal magic academy except how bad it is and how it represses the protagonist, then I simply don't see the point.
19h c40 LongSelfindulgentReviews
Leave, Hazel! Break canon! Smash it on your way out the door!
22h c40 35oooSilverWolfooo
Yes! Rebel, Hazel! Don't let them stifle you! Don't give in!
10/2 c40 raa2165
Is there a way to report comments?
10/2 c40 Guest
I really love Hazel in this chapter, that she is aware that she can just leave if she wants to. I have read far too many fics where an otherwise independent character becomes useless as soon as they get to Hogwarts, but your characterization of Hazel is so thought through and complete.
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10/2 c40 mallarieTwinkies
is Hazel going to transfer to a new magic school? or just run
10/2 c40 Wyrd42
It's always nice to see something new from you. I hope your life has become less hectic, but the rate of your updates makes that seem unlikely. I wish you good luck in finding what you need materially and artistically to feel fulfilled.
10/2 c40 2maximusrexmundi
Oof... that end with Sprout was heavy. Hazel clearly isn't suited for the structured environment of a school, probably because the intentions of each party are so different... Hazel JUST wants to learn, whereas the teachers largely want to teach but also be parents and role models and impose order on children chaos lol
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