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5/13 c32 GalacticLu
Hufflepuff! I knew it! I was routing for the puffs! For one, so Sally-Anne would have a friend there. And two, because that is where she will be more accepted for her real self than in any other house.

By the way, I have been wondering how she is going to manage not being able to apparate into Hogwarts. She could jump out, I imagine, but then have quite a bit of trouble getting back in.

Other thoughts along the way include where she will go on school holidays. Back to the hags? To the werewolves? Will she ever let the staff know that she doesn't live with the Dursleys any longer? I like that idea a lot. It would be a great way to maintain her independence. For which I am in strong support.

Looking forward to seeing where you and your muse go with this!
5/6 c32 1Fenixphlame
I absolutely love this series. the start of "canon" has been so fully derailed I can't wait to see where it goes.
it makes me wonder about stuff much farther down the line and if events will try to be the same or not.
and I help but laugh at the idea of the stands being filled with foreign werewolves and hags watching the third task years from now
5/3 c32 18Aeonmaster Aeroza
Tbh, this story is good but a bit lengthy at times of description of things.

The way at times in my mind, was that her route was to one of the types of wizards, but based in her own world, from Lord of the Rings, like Gandalf as an example.

I indeed read the entire story and the say again, it is good, but lengthy in description of things.

I do hope that things turn well for Hazel, and for maybe her encountering maybe hints or rumors of how to contact the gods or other, and maybe we get to see in the flesh those three serpents of White, Black, and Red. Heck, maybe even more races and spirits that are either friendly, test her, or more.

Just imagine if there was an AU Aspect of Twin “Le Fay” females of Morgana and one other, with the other being the bad person and Morgana being sealed away, and awaiting in time and space… Never aging from being 20’s, by someone who can free her as she could have dwelt in both Magic and Celtic/Druid ways too, but better.

Anyways, I do hope to see what might occur next, and maybe see how the first year turns out as I for one, oddly enough, see her summoning that Hellhound by sheer accident as her second familiar, during the near-end aspect of first year.
4/28 c18 Guest
I absolutely love the concept of Hazel leaving blessings for those who give her kindness!
4/28 c18 Guest
I think I'm just as sad as the werewolves to see Hazel go! I really love the care she's getting from them and want her to stay with them on breaks from school :) Also, my personal headcanon for this story has Remus eventually joining the werewolf commune and helping to raise Hazel. Can't wait to see where this story goes!
4/27 c32 eccentricess
Absolutely Brilliant.

I love your character development, and exploring the different countries and mythology. The twists back to connect to Hogwarts.

I also appreciate knowing that your other stories are much darker, and being a delicate, fragile blossom, I will just stick with this work of art.
4/21 c32 11Alex The Rogue
Terrifying sorting hat.
'Clawed fingers digging into her shoulders'! Omg I would want to burn that hat in holy fire and douse it in holier water .
4/21 c6 Evangemil
A benefit to sign language other than it’s a non magical way to communicate needs without the use of a pen. Which most children are not able to adequately use until the age of 7,8. As you said not everyone knows sign language sure but what I don’t understand is why she doesn’t have a rudimentary understanding of sign language. The British school system can not be so lacking that they did not teach a child a way to communicate. The Canadian school system teaches children some rudimentary signs and those children are not mute. I understand the Dursleys would never have aided in her education and may have intentionally sabotaged. But unless you can point out a major reason why she shouldn’t have a rudimentary understanding of sign language. I’m not saying she would be able to sign huge conversations but basic things like yes no toilet my name is. However the only reason I bothered saying anything since as you said she hasn’t met anyone who knows sign language is because you basically challenged sign language as a whole and well, I couldn’t let that stand.
4/21 c32 SerialNumber21
Huh. I’d always though of her as a Ravenclaw…this will be interesting!
4/18 c32 Emma Hermione Watson Granger
I've been enjoying this a lot. Thanks for taking the time to write it and thanks for bringing Morgan into the story. Hopefully he/she won't get bullied too much by the Hogwarts owls.
It's going to be interesting to see how Hazel adapts to the structured life at Hogwarts after nearly two years of being on her own. I also look forward to reading how Hazel's classes go considering she doesn't have a wand and that the hags had taught her potions a lot different than how the Dungeon Bat (to use the term very loosely) teaches.
4/13 c32 Guest
Looooove this story dying for more thanks very much!
4/13 c8 3cariangelus
will she get Hedwig
4/13 c32 3coscarelli
intense sorting. will require a moment to recover.
this remains my favorite fic (pretty much ever) bc of the unique worldbuilding and writing style -
much love !
4/12 c32 gremlin914
By far the best sorting of any story here on FF. Amazing, keep up the incredible work. Thank you for sharing this with all of us here.
4/8 c1 Guest
Hey just wanted to say that I loved this fic so far and I also really liked your black princess one as well for the most part can’t wait tell the next chapter and thank you.
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