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7/29 c7 Guest
I really love these two together it’s so wholesome
7/14 c7 49Fudogg
Keep going.
7/14 c7 Guest
Aw they kissed each other's cheek

Aw she rubbed his shoulders

Aw they snuggled
7/14 c7 Sriram
thanks for updating. The story is intriguing to say the least, eagerly awaiting the next chapter to find out more on this.
7/14 c7 Guest
I love how Rose a jakes relationship has developed so its more like a relationship then a fling
7/6 c6 Guest
Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself in such times. Waiting for the next chapter eagerly.
6/19 c6 Spud2000
Waiting for chapter7!
6/17 c6 2omnismith
I really loved this chapter. Rose and Jake's developing relationship is great to read. It looks like their paradise is about to be disturbed soon. On a more realistic front- stay safe out there.
6/8 c6 54bookgirl111
Great chapter! I love seeing the two lovebirds again! Wish this series was on Disney already. T.T
6/8 c6 49Fudogg
Keep going.
6/8 c6 Guest
Love Jake and Rose intimacy
6/8 c6 Sriram Subramanian
This chapter was worth the wait. Finally, you are back.
Keep safe and healthy in these current times.
6/7 c6 Guest
Another great chapter keep it up
5/24 c1 Spud2000
Please updateman
5/3 c5 Spud2000
Continue with the story.
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