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for Thrift Stores are Dangerous

2/28/2020 c1 Ashenvale
I’m still hunged up on what kind of dress it is
2/27/2020 c1 Prom15eToLove
this was cute but also kind of bittersweet, they both desperately want to tell the other they love them but to save themselves they're doing it behind their characters but desperately hoping that the other was being their true selves T_T
2/27/2020 c1 8mimagfan
Buhahaha, this was hilarious and so cute. I love it. A follow-up? I want more. Kisses
2/27/2020 c1 2brennakai
can i fav this like a hundred times plz
luv love lve the heelsespecially when they use them to show affection
2/27/2020 c1 4bookspazz55
I absolutely loved this I couldn't stop grinning and giggling I'm so glad you're still writing I absolutely love your work
2/27/2020 c1 313stars
Loved it! Glad your back. The writing style is great
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