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for Deadman Remnant

7/30 c22 Theif Lupin
7/8/2022 c101 Oucs O.Iveel
this was great.
7/16/2021 c100 A Nameless Ghost
Excellent work, I'm glad I got read this full work and tale. I wonder if they're a story about Metis and the gang after this somewhere on your profile. Regardless; Thanks for the good time.
11/12/2020 c101 4Kian Xki

Short chapters whose only complaint could be the mistery you left behind in how you managed to make a full strory with short paragraphs

A story can be ruined by too few or too many details

But in this case you managed to get a master work (by ff. Net standard) with just enough words
6/27/2020 c100 legitreader123
Not gonna lie, that ending was kinda sad.
Didn't expect that.
6/27/2020 c100 6netapel
This was a blast from start to finish.
it was a great read with funny jokes.
good luck on your next story if you ever write one.
again I had a wonderful time.
Keep up the amazing work
- netapel
6/27/2020 c100 Akurar
so proud of you my dude for going all the way. it was a really cool experience to read an uraless change so much for the better. take care and I will be following in any next work you start
6/26/2020 c100 HeavenLibrary
and the Naruto Op 14 doesn't help at all
6/26/2020 c100 HeavenLibrary
fvck idk why I'm crying (T_T)
6/26/2020 c99 Thundqh
get bitchslapped rudy
6/26/2020 c11 legitreader123
6/25/2020 c98 Akurar
we are getting closer to the 100 chapter. Do you have anything special planed for it I'm curious..
6/25/2020 c98 HeavenLibrary
in America we do this everyday
6/24/2020 c97 Thundqh
6/24/2020 c97 Akurar
aaah they old pepper spray move... a classic typical Aurora
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