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for Destructive Creation

12/19/2020 c4 Qiplutic
I love this fic just so much, poor Adrien and Luka tho, luckily plagg has some braincells
12/19/2020 c4 506yellow 14
It does indeed.;D keep updating
11/12/2020 c2 2Shio Uchiha
Please please update! I need to know whats happening next
4/5/2020 c2 Betty Bonny
The line about Adrien looking like a miserable wet kitten, had me rolling. This story has me holding my side, it is well-written, thoroughly enjoyable and I thank you for writing it!
3/20/2020 c2 506yellow 14
This is most entertaining. Adrien is so over his head. Keep updating
3/2/2020 c1 yellow 14
Yeah, they’re clueless. Most interesting, keep updating
2/28/2020 c1 megan
OH MY GOSH! How in the world is Plagg going to help with this?! Please write more I am so curious.

And you know what happens to the cat with curiosity! ;P

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