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for How Do I Change Your Diaper?

1/23 c2 1bismarckenterprise
Bruh this is legit so good! Waiting for the rest to come. Totally 100% behind ur portrayal of minato that mans a beast
11/25/2020 c2 Alchazar
Baby Naruto is always a win.
11/18/2020 c2 Mation
one of the best potrayals of minato, hoping for continuation; great writing btw
11/17/2020 c2 YakouKitsune
I really, really, REALLY love this story! Please continue it!
9/10/2020 c2 GunBlade2021
Hi there

Another story to read and follow, I can't wait for more!

With Obito dead, what happens now?

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
8/4/2020 c2 Morriganna
Ruthless Minato, I love it!
8/4/2020 c2 ChangeMe4574
Yes! Minato is one of my favorite characters.
5/18/2020 c2 kitsune negro
friend I like your stories but this one especially made me remember my love for naruto
5/7/2020 c2 Guest
Wow I really love both tsunade and Minato together
5/7/2020 c2 Guest
Please don't give him a pairing. His mourning for Kushina and loving her is basically the reason this story is so Good.
5/6/2020 c2 Guest
Minato killing Nagato would be perfect..

One request:Please don't make sasuke and Naruto Bff's.
5/8/2020 c2 ThatOneRandomDude
I see that you are building towards a Minato/Tsunade piring... Interesting I am looking forward to how their relationship develops.
5/7/2020 c2 1Valkipher
Hopefully we get a update within the year next time.
5/7/2020 c2 uchihaNaruto247
A minato-centric fic interesting.
5/6/2020 c2 Imagination 3101
Great chapter. Minato is a badass shinobi and not many people capitalized on that fact into their storyline. Thanks for making the story most interesting and I'm looking forward to read more chapters.

Have a great day
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