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1/18 c8 LadikThrawn
Great story so far, can't wait to see what's next.
1/12 c1 1Aztecdupstep
the texas was a perfect choice, as the retrofit has an excessive amount of AA firepower
12/8/2020 c8 5FORD B
Interesting story!
9/21/2020 c8 21Shiloh 1990
Nice to see this updated. I know you've probably been run ragged by all the suggestions for ships but I was thinking about having Bunker Hill in this or maybe even the Franklin ?(Franklin isn't in the game FYI)
8/28/2020 c7 1Reinkasahi
mate need more chapter!
also, will Richie or Valiant make an appearance?
6/4/2020 c7 1cdm
I wonder if Purifier will become so impatient with "training" Ruby that she gives up and cheats by infusing her with pseodo siren tech, like forcebly infusing her with wisdom cubes or something like that, maybe it could have some extra side effects or something.
4/18/2020 c6 Robbie2413
How long til the next chapter is out 12 days? Real good by the way. Disappointed in Cinder for not being like Bismark and Akagi? What did Bismark and Akagi do?
4/18/2020 c6 13Zenko13
Will big sister amagi make an appearence?
4/17/2020 c6 21Shiloh 1990
Not bad. I'm half tempted to ask you to put in New York but that's up to you. Will any of the other girls get ships or is it just Ruby and Cinder?
4/13/2020 c5 csshadow349
Well definitely a good start for a story and I look forward to the next chapter
4/5/2020 c5 13Zenko13
I hope ruby gets bismark
4/5/2020 c5 alienrei
Ammo detonation. That hurts, anyway, I think you forgot something, Yamato is a Sakura empire battleship and every single of their ships have animal traits so... Yamato have one too. (please make her a fox girl like our lovely yandere Akagi). Well, that if you want to maintain the theme of the faction. Anyway, good work so far, it's interesting to see that you worked with one of the plot holes of the show, that's where they got the paladins prototypes.
4/4/2020 c5 4MageTGM
NOOOOO! TEXAAAASSS! Anyhow, I like how you've made Yamato afraid of planes to comply with the fact that in real life she was sunk by planes. Imagine what'll happen when they actually do get Enterprise. Also, why not include Johnston, the first US Ship that spotted Yamato?
4/4/2020 c4 7Helljumper206
The one big issue I have is the RWBY timeline that your ignoring. Cinder and Torchwick robing Dust stores and shipments for years before Ruby going into Beacon? Something doesn't smell right with this.

Otherwise good story so far
3/29/2020 c4 Guest
Can't wait for more. Hope the next ship Ruby gets is one of the starter destroyers.
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