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for The (Un)Kindness of Ravens

4/11 c1 1Pure Happenstance
The only thing that could make this fic better would be having the chapters properly separated so the reader doesn’t have to scroll through the entire thing to find their spot again.
That said, you should be extremely proud of this work, as it is simply incredible. Please keep writing
4/3 c1 6HarrietSilverwynd
I love this fic. Maleval is the best! keep writing, you're really good at it!
3/25 c1 2mydirt09
What a beautiful written piece. I enjoy reading from his point of view and you done so masterfully
3/3 c1 3GhostHunterJIO
Oh my god. This was too cute and I’m so glad to have read this. I almost didn’t. These two are just so great and I love how they developed. Diavals dedication to Maleficent is just precious.

Thank you for posting
Best Wishes ~️
3/3 c1 6fortunaflying
If I'm being totally, completely, 100% honest, I am shocked that this isn't gaining more popularity. It is absolutely AMAZING. Everything, from the captivating way you somehow manage to put emotions into words perfectly, to the plentiful but not overdone use of figurative language, and just the sheer amount of feeling and heart put into this story, was fantastic. I haven't seen very many fics like this, and yours is definitely among the best. There were almost no spelling or grammar mistakes. You don't have any instances where you used one word too many times consecutively. Also- I REALLY respect the fact that this is over 43,000 words long. Like really. I have insane respect for you as an author now. More than anything, I really love the way you didn't just have Maleficent and Diaval's love blossom out of nowhere- it actually came from a place of meaning over a very long and difficult journey of him growing to understand her and her learning to open her heart to him. This is so beautiful and probably better than anything I could ever dream of writing. I sincerely hope you publish more of your work here again soon (no rush though. genius cannot be rushed.) Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us!
3/2 c1 raizamaia
Thank you so much!
This was a really intricate and beautiful history
It would be great if you continued
2/29 c1 candicane26
Omg I loved it ️

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