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for Save scumming? It's on my character sheet

1/17 c57 1Wicked.A
When that collosal shadow appeared I thought for a second that some had figured out RBD offscreen and Satella was aproching this twist is also nice though...

Dude I can understand short chapters but if the Christmas omake takes up 3 fourths of the chapter something is clearly wrong!

Dude spoilers! And also go and crush our hopes of typhoon appearing! Would have loved to see her even if just for one botched time line...

I forgot white whale compact model was a thing but it's still hilarious!

Yes Baru! Use the strongest loli as intended!

I was initially a bit mad about the length of the omake but this is great!

Nice that Satella is present...
Wait if Satella can't hear him, the punishment shouldn't activate though?

That final drug joke was funny
1/16 c58 3Senji2
at this point Idk what's happening anymore
1/16 c58 Guest
Me gusto... pero fue corto a comparasion de la historia que nunca sucedio
1/16 c58 shukkets
1/6 c34 Niralam
Mordred should not remember anything from previous grail wars like Fafnir. That's not how servants work.
12/27/2021 c57 4Kamui Raiu
Lol Gareth's cooking is so OP it kills Siegfried.

Will Subaru ever summon another Foreigner again?
12/19/2021 c57 2comrade-elmo1
based chapter
12/19/2021 c56 1Wicked.A
Subaru being a troll and giggling while high fiving Mozart is wholesome
12/18/2021 c57 Akabara Strauss
Is anyone else getting Pridebaru flashbacks with d’Eon’s little speech right there?
12/8/2021 c56 BorderLand
Poor Mashu, she has no idea what she is about to witness the next time she sees Subaru's dreams, you can get indirect trauma from re:zero.
12/7/2021 c56 4Softitalics
H- How did Camelot have potatoes?
12/7/2021 c56 Guest
Great change of point of view but why did mashu not see subrue view over parents?
12/7/2021 c56 Gentai
Ah the ammount of trauma that's in bound for Mash, beautiful. It'll be way worse if she can never acknowledge the fact that she knows cause either her or Subaru promptly get marked by RBD.
12/6/2021 c56 1Wicked.A
Wow prelati can fool frigging Envy?! That's beyond OP pls nerf! Omg will they actually figure out RBD? Hope they at least find out why he fears rabbits...
12/6/2021 c56 shukkets
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