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for Save scumming? It's on my character sheet

9/27 c87 Tempanon
Huh, I thought Cholo was there to help. Still gotta kill him?
9/25 c90 Reaper200851
And so two of the greatest threats have taken each other out.
9/25 c90 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. Hopefully, this undoes his eating Atalanta or at least prevents any issues from developing.
9/25 c90 1Wicked.A
Very nice chapter
9/25 c90 Cart
9/25 c90 1Rhazort
So Ley used Total Eclipse, which caused his mind to suffer and at the end he lost the memories of who he was fighting?
9/25 c90 1DemonRaily
And finally the greatest menace of this singularity is dead. RIP Lancelot. And I guess Lay is dead as well, but honestly Lancelot being dead is one of the largest steps towards solving the singularity.
9/24 c89 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be pragmatic and use means you'd prefer not to use so you can achieve your ends. It's good to see this Subaru hasn't let his pride and wrath overcome him.
9/24 c89 Guest
Mr. Dude, I apologize the misunderstanding. I meant long Arc, not Chapters...

Sure they are pretty short, but when combined... The Arc pretty long, and yet we are still stuck in Orleans, all the while there are still a long way to reach even the Lost Belt Arc.

The story progression is decent and the character development is good, so it's fine. It's just mind numbing to wait on having the story finally reach the current Arc's of FGO... Kinda like JP and Global FGO servers kind of issues... Only we lack Saint Quartz to save up, and wait to spend it to our desired Gacha, but in a sense, in this case, the certain Arc we been waiting for.
9/24 c86 1Wicked.A
Very nice chapter, a bit suprised subaru didn't counter the mash allegations with a "my heart is for emilia/rem only!"
9/23 c88 Reaper200851
I somewhat agree with the other Guest. Mostly in the case of Zhuge Liang and Unreturning Formation. He uses that I think around four or five times in one of the timelines. Now admittedly there was a break between a few of them, but Noble Phantasms are still energy intensive. I suppose Zhuge Liang does have A Mana and his Noble Phantasm is C ranked. So upon further reflection it's at least somewhat more qualified. And in this case it definitely makes sense for them to try and take care of the issue at hand, and a Noble Phantasm is one of the most surefire ways. The thing is, they tend to use their Noble Phantasms within a fairly short amount of time. At least 'time' as in how much text there is of them battling. Now tactically, it tends to not be the worst idea, but I thought I should let you know what it sort of feels like when reading it. And don't worry too much about it, it's not making the story difficult to read or anything. Mostly just a few random thoughts here and there that upon further reflection work out fine.
9/22 c88 Dude
I'm really loving this story and it's great that it appears were finally on the last loop of Orleans. Hopefully you can keep the faster upload schedule you've been had this past month or two, of course fanfiction takes a backseat to real life issues so it's understandable if you can't but I really love it!

As for what a guest said in another review, bro can you send me the long chapters you're seeing? Cause as much as I love this story there's no way I can consider any of these chapters 'long'.
9/22 c88 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
9/21 c88 Guest
(Stares at current number of Chapters: "88". Then remembers it is still Orleans...)


(Starts going numb.)


I hope there will be no more long Chapters like this. Character Development is fine, but... There are still Lost Belts bruh...

Still Great Chapter. Nice Dantes. 100% would make him a great partner with Subaru, along with Big London Star.

Cross my fingers that Subaru would meet Abby in "not" around Chapter 300.
9/19 c87 Wicked.A
Absolutely beautiful chat, brought a zwar to my eyes and made me laugh out loud and choke
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