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for Save scumming? It's on my character sheet

1/19 c10 AkosiMarie
Please continue. Very interesting. Love it.
1/9 c29 11ENDDRAGON369
Saber Wars, London, and Camelot.
1/8 c27 ENDDRAGON369
Wait is Hans roasting Subaru or is Subaru roasting Hans.
1/3 c42 Look2021
Good Chapter!
1/1 c42 Andaeus
That was was a great bit. I was initially disappointed when I realized this wasn't a real chapter, but that was a fun read.
12/30/2020 c42 Meimei
Woah, edmond? How in the world did he get summoned?! This Gilles sure is competent! Or lucky. Maybe both? Or maybe subaru is just unlucky, who really knows at this point.

I went looking for gray CEs after the omake and Grace Note is the only one with her and el melloi 2? Whaaat? I guess there are characters a lot more popular than her, but I expected more than that!

And his rightful place makes me remember waver's expression in that event when islander said he didn't like him~ ah, bullying waver feels nice for some reason, especially if waver gets happy after that~
12/30/2020 c27 Guest
Now I'm curious what would happen if Kirschtaria managed to somehow get rayshifted into Singularity F and acted like a mentor to Subaru. Especially since they both have ruptured circits.
12/30/2020 c20 Guest
I would really like an omake where Salter ends up as Shirou's servant, maybe with a Personal Skill related to her winning the Holy Grail, then NP spamming her way to victory. It would be really interesting to see how this version of Arturia would react to the 5th Grail War, but not the one she remembered.
12/28/2020 c42 1DemonRaily
Good old Count, can't leave well enough alone like always. Then again with avengers being tsundare as hell of course they clash XD
12/28/2020 c42 5allen Vth
So whenever Subaru resets, the count remembers. Easily the most dangerous enemy Subaru will have to deal. But won't the WoE kill him once he figures out the method of Subaru traveling back? Roswaal knew Subaru restarts, but didn't know the method behind RbD. Which I think is the main trigger of the WoE going into a killing spree.

Even when weakened, Siegfried is still a badass.
12/28/2020 c42 1Wicked.A
That omake is golden!
12/28/2020 c42 11D.N.Works
So Edmond is here, huh. Nice play. Can't wait when he meets the man who can outwit even him.
12/27/2020 c41 Keikaku-sama
OMG I love this fic so much please continue

take care
12/23/2020 c41 5allen Vth
I really want Subaru to summon another [Foreign Class]. The fun is imaginable. I really wanted Daphne to show up. Her own White Whale fighting against the Tarrasque, and then the White Hare or the Black Serpant against Lancelot, and if that doesn't work, just have her use her eyes and Lancelot will eat himself. That would be a fun sight.
I just want Subaru to summon one of the witches :3

Can Subaru just go on a killing demons spree. Before the singularities end, Subaru finds a way to kill all the demons. Just to strike a semblance of fear into them.

Subaru's presence has made a lot of changes, some bad for him, others just fun to watch.
12/19/2020 c12 Youneedtogoback
This is a blatantly nitpicky suggestion, but "magical energy" would be a better fit than "mana." Doing this would avoid having to explain Od, which is treated differently in t/m works and Re:Zero. I can see Subaru making that mistake or whatever, but Olga and Romani would understand that mana (Greater Source) is not internal magical energy (Lesser Source).
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