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for Deafening Silence

7/6 c10 5WickedInk
Ioooh I feel like this is a setup! Can’t wait for more!
6/11 c10 sandhopper
Awesome! So sweet to see how strong their friendship is. Just a bit sad when Merlin is thinking of the one thing he feels he must hide from Arthur. Loved this chapter!
6/11 c9 sandhopper
6/11 c8 sandhopper
Awww! How sweet! So love how everyone is looking after him!
6/10 c7 sandhopper
So cute! Love the banter between them, and the bond!
6/10 c6 sandhopper
Absolutely love this story!
6/10 c5 sandhopper
Lovely chapter! Yayyy for Gwen for coming up with that idea!
6/10 c4 sandhopper
Love this story, and how concerned Arthur is for Merlin!
6/8 c10 ninagayler
Delightful chapter!
6/7 c10 emrysmorgan
I really love this story. I love how Arthur concern about Merlin. I hope the council and the court know about it. I hope you will continue this story maybe Arthur will know about Merlin magicand how he will react this. Or how others react about Arthur concern and advise him to not to bcause Merlin is just a servant. Thanks for this wonderful story!
6/7 c10 25Gingeraffealene
Your sunny Merlin is so cute. I figured he would pull the “sorry, still can’t hear” joke on Arthur, but it’s better how you did it.
5/20 c9 emrysmorgan
I really love how Arthir appereciate Melrin in this chapter. I hope the court and Arthur's advisor know Merlin worth and how Arthur always follow his advice. I also hope they see how much care about Merlin. Cant wait to read more
5/19 c9 Gingeraffealene
“He’s been less.. clotpoley lately.” Hehehe. Cute.
5/19 c9 ninagayler
Really liked the way Arthur appreciates Merlin.
5/4 c8 mersan123
Lovely chapter. So wonderful to see others looking out for Merlin.
Many thanks.
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