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for Sword Art Online - Tales of a Dragonpath

8/14 c31 2scrambled888
Now you're the one teasing me with future events XD

I loved the world building of this chapter. Showing that the world is a lot bigger than just the one we've been in so far. With the way you describe things too, it'll be awesome to see some new places.

And I love the characters now. Their relationships feels almost like family now, which is so nice to read. I can't wait to see the future of these versions of the characters.

And it's nice how it feels like we've just picked straight back up to from Vol 1. Most writers would take some time, make it a slow start to ease the audience back in, so it's refreshing to have someone just jump us right back into the story and have it continue on naturally.

Can't wait to see the rest of Vol 2. You don't have to thank me...because you've made me better too 3
7/30 c30 scrambled888
God damnit...you made me tear up a little... Thank you. I don't deserve that kind of praise. Especially next to your family.

Congrats on reaching the end of Vol 1! It's been quite the journey so far. An incredibly well written journey. I love the characters and the world so far. And seeing them grow makes me excited for where they'll go next. I've said it before, but you're a really great writer.

And this last chapter was great. The reluctant truce with Chrysheight. It kind of shows how much Eugeo has grown that he didn't immediately try to run him through with the sword. And Bercouli going up to the North Mountains made me smile. It's the little details like that that make a story fun to read. And poor Asuna, taking that blow for Eugeo :(

And take your time with Vol 2. It'll be worth the wait, I'm sure. Will definitely be looking forward to it :)

And thank you again...
7/19 c28 scrambled888
Awww, Ronye is adorable. I love it. I can now see why your status was "Piggyback Flight" for so long XD It's nice that she's attaching herself to Kirito, it's the start of a cute friendship.

It's nice that Asuna is teaching Kirito and Eugeo more about their abilities. Everyone's got their unique talents, and Asuna being this all powerful mage-like character makes sense to be the teacher.

Can't wait to
7/10 c27 Li Zelin
... Tch
7/4 c26 scrambled888
Welp, I'm finally all caught up. I really do love this story and should really keep up with it every week.

RONYE! She's here! And you immediately make me worry for her safety XD But it's all good. Glad she's here now, and I like her and Asuna's familial relationship.

I really liked the development for Eugeo, and am happy that Kirito managed to finally break through his heart of ice. Kirito's development is also rather cool. I feel bad for him during his return to the village. And Asuna...jeez, OP much XD Joking, but I'm glad that she's forced a limit on herself. She's very caring, and I like her developing friendship with both Kirito and Eugeo.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully I'll never fall this far behind again. As always, this book is absolutely brilliant
7/4 c26 Li Zelin
When will Kirito and Asuna become a couple?
6/26 c14 scrambled888
Well, I read up to this point today. Kind of got distracted by writing my own book (thanks to this giving me the motivation to write). I'll get round to the rest of it over the next few days, but I don't want to forget to comment on certain things.

Again...just wow. I love your descriptions of places and objects. Kirito's thoughts and feelings are crystal clear. And the characters, I love them. Eugeo especially. I like how he's beginning to open up a little to Kirito after his grief. I can't wait to see more of these characters. Maybe because at this point, she's the newest, but I'm intrigued by Asuna.

Some of the details you put into the story were incredible. I smiled when I saw "Kaan", knowing exactly who you were referencing. Vecta being mentioned was great to see. It's small things that made me smile the most.

And whatever that story about growing wings and flying was that you read when you were younger, I'm thankful you did, because this story is a joy to read. I'll end it here so I'm not rambling too much, but I can't wait to read more tomorrow :)
3/24 c8 scrambled888
I must say, you certainly have a way with words. I love that the plot is starting to reveal itself, while still having a dash of mystery. The way you describe things is absolutely beautiful and you should be proud.

I'll be looking forward to reading the next two chapters and the future ones too
3/6 c5 Frwt
i really enjoy this story. ...
3/5 c5 scrambled888
A great 5th chapter. It's certainly gotten longer, while not sacrificing anything. It's great. I find it interesting that you've picked someone like Alice to be the "love interest" it seems so far.

As I'm understanding this, you're adapting an already established work, so this probably isn't your fault, but I think that Kirito's entire memory coming back at once is a little bit strange, as it doesn't really have an effect on him as much. But other than that, the pacing is good. It's nice that it's slowed down a little.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter :)
3/3 c4 scrambled888
Wow...just wow. The amount of detail you've put in here is incredible. You have a really good eye for description. Like how you describe Kirito trying to regain his memory was superb. I love the mix of mystery and drama, and the way you've adapted the SAO characters into this is great. I'll be looking forward to the mystical elements like dragons coming in. I honestly can't wait to see how you would describe them.

If there is one thing I would say, is that the story seems to be moving at a rather fast pace. As an example using what's already there, maybe you could've written out one of Kirito and Liz's conversations during tea. That way, it could help us understand Kirito's frustration at not being able to see her any more. I guess that's just kind of asking for more though XD

Either way, I'm looking forward to the continuation. This is a fantastic start

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