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6/7 c1 13Skyraptor66
Lmao I like how, as this fandom's gotten older, and the internet has gotten...how it is now...our thoughts have turned to "Okay, but you really think they severed ties with the programmers? With trolling players, even?" There's definitely no way the 4d folks aren't at least keeping tabs, Elena aside, given it's an mmorpg. (But then, if I'm being honest, I don't think Square thought too much of the plot twist through, given how much they ignore its consequences in a lot of ways. Still unsure whether they were hopping on the Matrix bandwagon for this one, as much as I enjoy it at times.)

Either way, this was a fun, well-written read. Kudos.
3/8 c1 393John Bigboote
Stukasa: Blame Cautious Pregno. I get stuck on certain motifs from time to time. Would you prefer a baby was in there, or more worms?
3/7 c1 stukasa
It feels like you've been using the pregnancy theme more often lately. Or is it my imagination?

It would be nice to know people from another dimension are looking out for you, making sure you and your child are okay. It would also be super creepy knowing they're watching you, not to mention making bets about your life choices...

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