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for The Legend of the Namikaze Storm

3/2 c1 Ezio55
The username fits.
3/2 c1 1Novrier
Errr, alright, first of all ... why is it all in bold? Really, any reason for that?

Now, we find out that Naruto is actually a blood clone ... umm ... huh? Where did this come from? This is kind of a major deus ex machina thing. And why the hell is he Uzumaki Namikaze? Just pick one family name. I mean when Hinata married him she was just Hinata Uzumaki, not Hyuga-Uzumaki. Seriously that is just silly and feels like an over the top way to make the character feel more awesome than he already is.

So, then we sort of go back in time when Naruto was chased by a mob ... wonderful, an overused cliche that makes no sense, yet often pops up here and there. You know, using an angry mob cliche is kind of the worst way to start a story, or at least one of the worst way.
Obviously it results in a beating, villagers are morons, demonic power and ... deus ex machina number two, Minato appears and goes ... I am you father ... who is he Darth Vader? At least in Star Wars that was major reveal and twist. Here ...where did this come from.
Oh and Kushina appears then.

Was all of this a joke? This doesn't feel like a prologue of a serious story that had reasonable amount of effort put into this. At best this is a collection of ideas that were jumbled up and posted in this mess. Seriously the is even no solid structure, your story looks like a wall of text, with dialogue mixed with regular narrative. So even reading this is hard.
But overall, this just feels plain lazy. Nothing is set up, nothing is prepared, no details, no real description, not character development, no nothing.
If this is a joke, it is not funny. If this is a first chapter of an actual story ... this is pretty damn bad. There was one good thing though ... it was mercifully short.

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