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for The Starkids Parting Ways

10/25 c1 SadWoman
Omg ur fanfics are so good! You must teach me your ways!
7/6 c2 A mans mum
This is gooooooooooood
7/6 c1 YourMyMum
This is good but could you do some Beredith they are so cute! But I know this story is mostly on Richpez but still! Great story!
7/6 c1 ALittleGirl
Hi! This is so good I think that you should do Jeff next
6/18 c4 Guest
This is amazing! I hope you always continue! I think that you should do more Jeff. He’s just so interesting in this story!
5/23 c2 JustChillin
HA HA AHA AH AHA AHA HA AH. I don’t even know. Tbh I’m kinda on tin can brother side I really like the villains of every story!
5/23 c2 I love your mum
This is pretty good I’m impressed I NEVER see any good Starkid fanfictions anymore but this one has got potential.
5/23 c2 Hey bro
This is real good I love Richler and I can already tell I’ll be a thing!
5/23 c2 Guest
This is the best starkid fanfic ever! I really like your fanfics keep writing
5/11 c3 MEEE
Yes! Finally you made another one! I love this!
3/12 c1 Guest
This was awesome! Can't wait read the next one! :)
3/2 c1 HenryHidgens123
This is so good! Poor Joey!I NEED TO KNOW HOW THEY GET HIM BACK! Lauren I already know that Richpez is going to be a thing in this!

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