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3/10/2020 c2 Loverofdogs 4567
Hey, the were a few things I forgotten to say about my birthday story request. Well first the story will get angsty but you don't have to anything that discribes things that are very graphic of really violent.
And the last thing I want to say is about Michael, well in the final chapters and he's hypnotized by the squip when kidnapped he gets an a black outfit and a mask and while Michael is under the squip's control he doesn't talk. The only reason Jeremy found out the new villian he was fighting is a hypnotized Michael is because the squip demanded that Michael take the mask off so Jeremy's spirit can be crushed and not to fight. We also get some hints (but not exactly mentioned) that while hypnotized, Michael had hurt a lot of innocent people.
So that's it. So please do this story for my birthday it'll really mean a lot to me if you do.
3/7/2020 c2 Loverofdogs 4567
First off, I am glad that you updated this the second chapter in as great as the first one, I love it.
Second, so you don't want to do my request because it's dark that's fine I'll give you another request for my birthday instead.
You along with loving musicals and theater I also love syfi, superheroes, and comic books so do a BMC au where Jeremy becomes a superhero with electric powers and stuff.
If you don't know anything about superheros I give the information and details for this fic right now...
This au will be based off of some elements from my favorite superhero Spiderman.
Jeremy's whole Junior class goes on a field trip to the city's biggest lab companies that studies things like medicine and technology and other scientific stuff and the lab company is called Tamm Laboratories (more on the company later) anyway this lab the students were in the scienctists in are studying a nano technology that way discovered from a Japanese space program while on the moon the asternauts discovered the nano technologies and took back to earth than the nano technologies were shipped to America where it is currently getting studied on. Anyway while on that field trip at that lab one of the nano technologies escaped from its study container and when a chemical explosion cased a fire to happen in one of the labs the students have to evacuate the building Jeremy during this chaos passed out but while passed out the escaped nano technology connected to his Brian and body and when he woke up he discovered he has super powers.
Here are his super powers he can create lightning bolts from his hands, he can create force fields on him or the people around him, he can control any form of technology with his mind, and he has a power similar to Spider-Man's spider-scinces where he can since an attack before it happens.
So in the first chapter of the fic here is what happens after the whole origins part...
At first Jeremy doesn't want his powers because he doesn't want to be a freak on top of being a loser, geek, or whatever (ha, see what I did there). But Micheal this his powers are cool and he thinks that Jeremy could do great things with his powers like save people and become a superhero or something but Jeremy doesn't want to hear it at first but one night while Jeremy and Michael go to Seven Eleven to get some slushies (or icees some people call them icees) there was a robbory going on so Jeremy not wanting to be seen for who and what he is he puts on his hoodie and covers his face with a blue hokie mask and uses his powers to stop the robber one person there that night records it on his phone and puts the whole event on YouTube called the video "The Mysterious Voltage" and so after all of that Jeremy finally agrees to become a superhero and because of the video he calls himself Voltage.
And that's how the first chapter ends.
Now before I can talk about the main characters from the musical I would like to talk about the supervillains.
The SQUIP.) In this au the Squip is a very powerful villian with super powers just like Jeremy's powers but the squip also has telepathy (that means he can read minds) and can teleport, the squip because he can read minds figures out Jeremy's secret identity as the hero voltage. Also the Squip's real name is Jason Tamm ( yes that's the name of the person who played the squip on Broadway but I spelled Jason Tam with two M's instead of one) and Jason is the only one that owns Tamm Laboratories which means that on top of being a powerful supervillain he is also an evil scientist ( so in this au The Squip is like Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin from Spiderman) and as for how the Squip got his powers...
Jason Tamm was studying the nano technologies when one of them went rogue and attached itself to Jason's body and mind but unlike Jeremy's nano tech this one was corrupted and filled with rage and hate and this causes Jason Tamm to go insane becoming The Squip. The SQUIP plans on taking over the city's crime network causing fear and chaos to roam the city destroying innocent lives. On top of that all the super villians got their powers from the neno technologies that the Squip have them so all the other villians work for the squip. Now for the other supervillains...
Rich Goraski.) There is a reason why he is a supervillain you see it's not exactly by choice let me explain his backstory, Rich's family life is messed up his mother left the family and his father is an abusive alcoholic (you don't have to go into any details about that just mention it) that only uses money to buy his alcoholic beverages instead of using it to support his family. So Rich tries to support his family. At first he became a theif to support his family but one day he tried to still some tech from Tamm Laboratories to sell for money and actually managed to get through the high tech secority however Jason Tamm catches him, instead of turning him into the police Jason who was impressed by Rich's ability to actually sneak into the lab without secority finding him hires him too be his minion and gives Rich his own super powers. Rich has super strength and super agility and super fast reflexes. Rich was in high school freshman year when he agreed to get powers and work for Squip. The Squip gives Rich lots of money for working for him however they is a price to pay if rich ever goes against the Squip or fails the Squip many times The Squip will kill the only two people Rich cares about and those people are his little sister and little brother (to Rich they're the only family he's got and while do anything for them) Rich is what you would call the tragic villian the one who you feel sorry for and kind of understand why he does what he does but you still have to stop him because what he's doing is wrong. By the end of the fic Rich will Redeem himself and team up with Jeremy to defeat The Squip once and for all.
The next supervillain is an villianess who calls herself The Banshee because she can produce sonic screams that can destroy anything in her path like a building or a car her screams may also be powerful enough to kill people.
The next villian is an shapeshifter who calls himself Changeling he can shapeshift into any person or thing he wants to. He uses his ability to frame Voltage by turning into Voltage (he also uses special gloves to mimick Voltage's lightning bolt powers) and robs from jewelry stores, Banks, museums, and even gas stations hurting innocent people while doing it. But he does eventually gets caught and thrown in prison.
Oh I would also like to mention that there is also this guy who not a villian nor works for the squip but instead he is a bit of a jerk his name is Robert R. Richmond he owns the town's news paper company and also has a blog but he's also owns the town's local news station and he is also one of the town's news anchors. And he doesn't trust Voltage or anyone who thinks they're above the law he says that Voltage doesn't really help the crime rate of the town go down but makes it worse so he calls Voltage a menace to Middleborough (Middleborough is the name of the town in New Jersey that Jeremy lives in, and I know that because the novelization of the musical BMC mentioned the town's name) on top of that Jeremy work for so he can help his father with bills because Jeremy's dad though works isn't get paid enough and is struggling with debt and bills (in this au Jeremy's dad does wear pants but works a lot so he is hardly ever home, also while we are At it in this au Jeremy's mom didn't leave the family instead she was killed, you see Jeremy's mom was a police officer and one night while stoping a bank robbery the robber shot her and she died in the hospital a few hours later because the bullet wound was infected, Jeremy was 10 years old when that happened, this is part of the reason why Jeremy's dad is having trouble with paying bills, anyway Jeremy's job is he takes pictures for the news paper mostly of voltage fights but sometimes he'll take pictures of other things like Middleborough's mayor giving someone a key to the city. How does Jeremy get this job well there was an add in the news paper saying that whoever can get a good picture of voltage will get money so Jeremy does that and he asks along with the prize money he works for Mr. Richmond and Richmond agrees.
Okay back to the villians...
The is this oc named Buster Lerkstone he used to date Chloe Valentine but she broke up with him because there was obviously something wrong with him, he was aggressive, had mood swings and got angry very easily, Everytime Chloe talked to another boy he got jealous (even when she wasn't flirting with them), and he was very bossy and demanding, when Chloe broke up with him he didn't get over it well and thought the reason why she broke up with him is because he is a loser, but the squip gives him fire powers and Buster uses them to forcefully get Chloe to date him again however Michael is caught in the crossfire and here is why you see in this chapter with Buster at the beginning it starts at Middleborough high school during Michael's 5th period class which is science class, anyway the science teacher gives the students a science project that the students have to do but they are each assigned partners for the project show Michael who also has science class on the same period as Chloe are assigned as each other's partner and neither of them are happy about it but for to different reasons Michael doesn't want to be partners with Chloe because he thinks that she's just a dumb popular blond girl who will make Michael do all the work while she just goes shopping and gossips with her friends, and Chloe thinks that Michael is a weirdo that want talk to her she even says "Ugh, why do I have to be partnered with that weird anti social headphones kid" well they actually surprise each other Michael finds out that Chloe does want to work on the project and that she is actually pretty smart and Chloe finds out that Michael isn't as anti social as she thought, so one day that go to they meet at the mall's food court to discuss their project however Buster also happens to be there and sees Chloe Valentine with Michael and he gets mad and he uses his powers trying to force Chloe to date him and holds both her and Michael captive so Jeremy as voltage had to save them from that maniac.
The next super villian is a guy with water powers he called himself Aquatic-Man he controls the elment of water and can turn his whole body into water, this with be a challenging villian for Jeremy to fight because Jeremy can't use his powers on this guy with hurting innocent civilians because water and electricity don't mix well.
The next villian is a Joker like villian who calls himself Comedy he's really crazy and dressed up like a clown (Michael even calls him a Joker rip-off) and just like the joker comedy uses laughing gas and clown themed gagets like a flower that shoots acid.
The next villian uses technology to create realistic illusions that can create your worst fair and he uses it while doing his crimes.
And for the last villians they don't work for the squip they are gang that calls themselves The Middleborough Rippers and their leader also wants to take over the city's crime network this causes the squip and the rippers's leader to become crime rivals and also the robber that robbed the Seven Eleven from the first chapter was part of the the rippers gang.
So those are the villians so let's talk about the main characters...
Michael.) In this au Michael is still the same old school Michael who is very nerdy, likes out of print games, has a Pac-Man tatoo, and buys 90s soft drinks from the back of a Specer's Gifts. He even still wears his classic red hoodie and headphones and listens to Bob Marley songs, but in this au Michael is also a science and technology genius, in this au Michael is "the guy in the chair" which means he helps Jeremy fight crime on the sidelines like he uses his computer to communicate and track Jeremy while he's on patrol in the city/fight crime/on a mission, he does research on the villians like who they were before they got their powers like did the villian have a criminal record before having powers and what is the villians possible weakness, he'll also do scientific research for Jeremy, he also creates gagets for Jeremy to use while fighting crime. So basically Michael is like a sidekick. Michael is the one who knows about Jeremy being a superhero (well Christine will find out later on but still). Also along with Rich's redemption arch the the final chapters Michael gets kidnapped by the squip and the squip hypnotized Michael to the point where Michael is a villian henchman with similar powers to Jeremy's. When Michael gets captured he is missing for a whole month. This causes Jeremy to go on a rampage trying to find his best friend, he would never forgive himself if Michael got hurt or worse. When Jeremy finds out who the new villian is he's devostated he doesn't want to fight or hurt his best friend. Can Jeremy even safe him?
Christine.) She becomes Jeremy's love interest and girlfriend for the first half of the story (you'll find out soon) she's still the same quarkey girl from the musical who is a theater kid who lives play rehearsal. Her father in this au is the police captain of the city and he doesn't really appreciate the "masked vigilante" Voltage doing police work like he's above the law. Anyway Christine eventually finds out that Jeremy is Voltage and she starts to help Michael help Jeremy from the sidelines. Christine and Jeremy have a good relationship. But however one day The Squip kidnaps Christine ( this part of the story is based on the spider Man storyline The Next When Gwen Stacy Died) when Jeremy goes after the squip to rescue her the squip throws he off a high building the impact when she touches the ground instantly kills her. Jeremy blames himself for her death and not being able to save her this causes Jeremy to shut himself off for a while like he doesn't talk to Michael (or his other friends) and doesn't let Michael help him out on missions afraid it could happen to Michael or anyone else he cares about. Jeremy even considers the quit being Voltage for good. (Yes I know this is dark but like I said before you don't have to be the graphic and you don't have to go on details about abuse) after Jeremy's self loathing and grieving over Christine's death he and Michael realizes that like like each other (that means they are in love with each other) so yes this fic will also get some Boyf -Riends ( that's the ship name for Michael x Jeremy)
Brooke Lohst.) She is almost the same as age is in BMC but with a few twist like and develops a crush on the superhero Voltage and her family is very rich. However in one episode we find out how Brooke's father got his fortune on the first place he is actually a secretly apart of the Middleborough Rippers gang and when he tries to get out of the gang the leader gets mad and kidnaps Brooke and her father desperate to save her asks Voltage for help him safe her and in exchange he'll turn himself other to the police. Well after they rescue Brooke and he turns himself over to the police the squip attacks the police car and kidnaps Brooke's father y that's the end of that chapter the next chapter The Squip threatens Brooke that she'll never see her father again unless she does what he says with that he gives her powers witch are the agility and claws of a cat and the speed of a jeetia she also has super strength. So she becomes the Jewel thief know as The Feline and when she fights with Voltage she flirts with him a bit (this event happens before Christine gets captured and dies so she gets a little mad that a criminal is flirting with her boyfriend) anyway they find out that Brooke is actually the Feline when voltage ask her why she explains everything and he agrees to help her rescue her father. Well after a few chapters later and after Christine's death she decides she wants to be a super hero since she still has her powers but in this chapter ache notices that Voltage Is not himself and he seems angry and but more harsh when he fights criminals and she begins to wonder where has all the campastion he showed when he helped her and her father go. (The reason Jeremy is like this is because of bitterness of Christine's death) And in one point in the chapter when seen explains to Voltage she wants to be a hero like him this is what he says to her "Do yourself a favor Brooke and quiet while you're ahead before you or somebody else you care for gets hurt". She be the one to show voltage how to be compassionate again. Also she will also be there in the final chapters helping Jeremy and Rich defeat The Squip.
Chloe Valentine is the same as she is in the musical.
Jenna Rollan is still the same gossip girl like she is in the musical but every once in awhile she'll talk and gossip about Voltage.
Jake Dillinger is the Flash Thompson of this au the topical high school bully/jock who will bully our nerdy protagonist without even realizing that the "nerd" he bullies is also the hero he admires/idolize (voltage is his hero).
And I will like to say a few more things about Rich (because while also being a villian he's also one of the main characters, and when you think about it he is an important character of the musical because he inter duces us to the squip and he's also the reason why Jeremy is able to figure out what shuts the squip off) he still bullies Jeremy and calls him Tall-ass and he also still writes boyf on Jeremy's backpack and Riends on Michael's backpack. And in the final chapters the squip actually does kidnap Rich's little brother and sister this is part of the reason why he redeems himself another reason is because the squip's plan will destroy the city and he doesn't want innocent people to die. But what cares about the most is his brother and sister's safety.
So that's the story request I know that it's long but it'll be a multi-chapter story and you don't have to post all of them on my birthday you can just post the first chapter and then post one chapter each of the story once every week or so.
And. If there is a way to can contact me like using the review section to reply to my birthday request that would be great since you can't pm me because I don't have a membership on this website, that would be great.
3/3/2020 c1 Loverofdogs 4567
This is amazing. This way only the first chapter and I'm invested to this already. I more chill it's my favorite musical (well that and Hamilton) anyway I also like fics where they genderbend the characters and this is the closest one I found but this is a really good fic and I can't wait for the next update/ next chapter. I
So my birthday is coming up soon to on March 15th and I want wondering if you could do a birthday request for me please.
So here is the story...
The SQUIP had returned this time with his own physical body and he wants revenge so he kidnaps Michael and takes him to an abandoned wherehouse and tortures Michael (he beats Michael with a metal pipe, electrocutes Michael, cuts Michael with knives, burns Michael, the squip even burned and cut off Michael's tounge causing Michael to become mute, the squip even whips him) but despite all end physical pain Michael tries to escape and help/rescue Jeremy. Will Michael be able to reach Jeremy on time or will the squip win?
I know it's a dark stuff in it but this story will have lots of angst with an happy ending.
So please do this for my birthday it'll make my day great of you do.

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