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for A Bartowski Of Possibilities

2/21 c40 1HC68
'And squashing down any thoughts of a full on reconciliation between herself and Chuck that would include the two of them being together again.' Yeah, let's see how long you can keep that resolution going, Jill! Esp. if Sarah and Chuck get into one of their cyclical breakups...
2/21 c45 HC68
OK, this is kind of interesting, too! Not a very likely combination, or one that Beckman would be too likely to go along with, but imagine if Chuck managed to work the Bartowski magic on them and forge them into a loyal and effective team! Throw Jill in there too, to give Chuck an alternative romantic interest...and then let them save Sarah and Shaw (and whoever else's) bacon at some critical moment. Then Chuck could serenade Sarah with a rendition of "I've Got Friends in Low Places..."
2/15 c6 HC68
You and I think spookily alike on some points! I once considered, but never managed to put together, a 3-part humorous story in which Chuck, Sarah, and Casey would each get a chapter in which they had a 'horrible no good very bad day'. The climax of Sarah's horrible no good very bad day was pretty much this, Beckman assigns Jill as a member of the team. The big difference was it was played for laughs, and instead of being nervous Jill walks in like she owns the place and sits down next to Chuck, as Beckman informs them that she's making Chuck Jill's handler. But aside from the humor/drama emphasis, the scene would be spookily like this!
2/12 c6 Guest
Idk where you take requests. Could you do one set in the future by like 18 years, Chuck and Sarah have a 17 year old named Sydney. They’re out of the spy life but get pulled in on occasion and when Sydney was 16 Chuck was killed (that’s not the point of it. But he dies kinda like Audrey in 24 live another day, there’s another shooter). A year later, Sarah is asked to go on a mission and Sydney gets upset. They end up fighting and Sydney telling her mom off saying she can’t lose her as well, and this has Sarah feeling conflicted but she comforts her daughter. Idc what you do with it but that scene has been stuck in my head
2/12 c2 HC68
This. So much so.

I've always thought that Chuck essentially _had_ to be bottling up a huge amount of anger and fury from the very start of the show. What happened (or he thinks happened) at Stanford, followed up by the government coming into his life and basically threatening to murder him, the constant pressure, the attraction to Sarah but at the same time he would _have_ to resent her, because she's part of the government that's screwing him over herself. I'm sure there was a part of him that wanted to scream in rage at Sarah and Casey more than once, and at the same time he's smart enough to know that he _has_ to bury it, hide it, suppress it...which would of course add to it.

As for Bryce, he obviously didn't know how bad the side effects of his actions to protect Chuck back at Stanford were, so the anger would suprise him, and Bryce might not even have any idea Chuck thinks he slept with Jill, so there's another reason for him to be caught off guard.

Very interesting chapter!
2/12 c48 9fezzywhigg
This one has me curious. Where are Sarah and Casey if not in Burbank in Castle? Is Chuck the bad guy or just trapped? How did the general know about Prague? I hope there is more to come.
2/12 c48 6nevr
This is a great scenario, which I assume is a crossover. I really enjoyed the Generals comments to Sarah. Don’tnormally Like the General, but the big girl pants comment always makes me smile.
Shame Sarah’s on the outside of the Dome. I like situations where Chuck and Sarah are forced together to face their feelings for each other. Hope she finds the way in and they do that.
Keep this one going.
10/18/2020 c47 nevr
This is really good.
You definitely should expand this one into a multi chapter fic. Probably not the way you would take it, but I see this playing out with Chuck constantly sneaking around behind Casey and Sarah’s backs trying to reclaim his beloved gun - maybe always drunk!
10/18/2020 c47 9fezzywhigg
A bit OOC and dark but what is so great about the show and the characters are all the different stories they can tell.
10/16/2020 c46 fezzywhigg
Whoa! I'm digging Chuck's crazy night and would like more if you you've got 'em.
10/16/2020 c46 ReaderNotAWriter85
Great chapter. I really enjoyed it. Hope a follow-up is in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this with us
10/11/2020 c45 fezzywhigg
This seems like an Injustice Leagueish organization. Yeah things really didn't go Chuck's way...or did it? Muhaha...
10/11/2020 c45 Spawn Hades
It's like a Chuck version of the suicide squad! That's great. Will Chuck have an odd relationship with La Ciudad in the same way Deadshot and Harley do? That'd be cool as I don't think anyone's ever written them as a pairing.
10/11/2020 c45 ReaderNotAWriter85
Awesome chapter. Really love the concept here. I hope you write more about it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us
10/11/2020 c45 6nevr
I really liked most of this - made me smile. My failing is that I like Chuck and Sarah together and hate Shaw, so that bit was hard for me - necessary for this to happen, but still not nice to read. Having said that, this one is definitely worth taking further - you’ll be able to have so much fun with this.
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