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for A Bartowski Of Possibilities

2/17 c54 linx007
I would have paid money to see Casey's reaction to a nerd MC back when this show was playing.
1/16 c53 Guest
Seemed like a weird chapter for this but since when is Burbank a small town.
1/16 c53 David E Lewis
Great first chapter. I liked that Chuck wound up in church, talking to the Creator.

But your author note simply puzzles me...why do you think that Jill deserved to be the love of Chuck's life, but Hannah did not (at least, pre-Sarah). I would have thought the exact opposite.

Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
1/16 c53 29nevr
Another great start. I hope you write more of this one, wanting someone to get him out of this state. Obviously, I hope that is a tall, beautiful blonde with an intriguing back story of her own. Somehow these two always gravitate towards each other. Keep writing.
1/16 c52 11fezzywhigg
This was cool.
1/16 c53 fezzywhigg
Yeah, Jill makes more sense. These stories are outside the box and pretty cool. This was sad but also thought provoking. Thanks.
9/28/2021 c12 linx007
Oh it's absolutely batshit! But in my personal opinion it's those ideas that are the most fun to read. If you ever decide to expand this I would happily read it.
9/15/2021 c47 1watever63
wow riviting, gripping it grabs ya by the private parts and drags you in and you7 cant wait to read whats in the next line wow awesome thanks if you can finish this i think it woudl be popular
9/15/2021 c43 watever63
would have been a great place for her to secretly listen as chuck told them how he wouldnt have made it this far if his girlfriend hadnt been there you know stuff like that maybe the next meeting lol he pours out how he feels special because this extraordinary woman was helping him etc etc
just a thought but that would be awesome thansk for this peek i love it
9/15/2021 c38 watever63
there is more right? please!
9/15/2021 c35 watever63
please tell me you are continuing this story please please please ya got us hooked now
9/15/2021 c19 watever63
worked very well another story with infinite posabilities might be worth continuing chuck retired hmmmmmm i think people are amazingly curious to what might be thanks
9/15/2021 c17 watever63
this would be an awe4some story to continue i can see a million ways it can go wow great writing
8/23/2021 c51 ReaderNotAWriter85
Great chapter. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more. Thank you so much for sharing this with us
8/21/2021 c51 11fezzywhigg
I absolutely love the variety of these stories.
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