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for A Little Bird

3/18 c1 11nekokenna
NOOOO you are a cruel author. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I clicked the fic tho... That metaphor though! It's so BEAUTIFUL and HEARTBREAKING. I didn't think that there could be any kind of peace in the barricade, but the little bird proved that there is...and now I'm crying again. This is gorgeous.
3/6 c1 19CarawynO
Awww, sweet little Gavroche... This is likely the most heartbreaking part of this story to me... So many young men died, and of course each one is sad, but Gavroche... I love the comparison of him to a robin fluttering about looking for his worms, laughing. And then his soul flying... Beautiful, and very moving.
3/6 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary
“A little fall of rain. That’s all.” NOOOOO GAVROCHE WHYY

You captured Gavroche’s spirit and confidence perfectlyawesome job in crushing my heart yet again, mon ami.
3/3 c1 17Unicadia
This is so beautiful and sad, and very in-character for Brick Gavroche. Hugo would like this, I think.

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