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for Evangelion - Fallen Light

8/5 c9 KySocceRref
Still an intriguing story. I’m very curious with how you’ll take Reid’s character.
8/5 c9 15Silvermoonlight GJ
You nailed Q like I could so imagine him being there and talking and being sarcastic. I also loved how he managed to ruin every one's day simultaneously that being Misato, Ritsuko's as well as Shinji and Asuka's and shuttle has got to him who else can open worm holes...

I love your handling of Rei as an ex borg, because that the way I wish they'd handled Seven of nine in Voyager as I've always viewed that as a huge missed opportunity, so it is wonderful to see you fix that and do a wonderful job with it.

I also like that Shinji still doesn't quite know how to deal with people, like in the series and I like that Asuka's shower scene and that it is a nod to the deleted scene in one of the later episodes and her deep emotional turbulent under current is showing.
7/12 c8 2tism
A good mix of action and romance with a pinch of intrigue thrown in for good measure.

Secrets, lots of secrets. And everyone's so damaged.

I can't figure out who's working for who yet, and I like it. I think I know Misato's mysterious stranger but we'll see.

Thanks for this, looking forward to see what happens next.
7/11 c8 15Silvermoonlight GJ
Damn hell of a cliff hanger, really loved this whole chapter though I won't be spoiling it for anyone other than to say I really like Asuka's warrior holodeck trip and her conversation with Misato and how it mirrors a certain moment but is much deeper as she's aged up and Misato could dig way deeper. I also loved Misato and Ristuko's date that was super cute and I like how honest and sweet it felt really deeply connected and loving and it was fun hearing how they were in the academy.

Also, I do like the detail that Asuka is gifted but currently, an asshole, just because this is never brought up in the series and her bullying is a huge issue, that's just not challenged so I'm glad in this AU it's being challenged and not ignored, I just hope the feeling she's experiencing now helps to start a change in her behaviour even if its small as her lack of empathy is an issue.
6/1 c7 2tism
What a packed chapter!

Section 1 reminded me of classic Trek intrigue with Starfleet having ulterior motives. On the one hand being the hero coming to save the day, on the other, working behind the scenes to manipulate the pieces. I want to know what Worf is up to.

Loved the balance of the first A/S section with the K/T section. Showing Shinji getting the good and bad of being a new "recruit." The descriptions of how he was getting different methods of training really matches the supporting characters personalities.

When I started Maya's section I'd forgotten about the the character's fluid sexuality so the pronouns threw me a bit.
The dialogue with Misato was honest and real. Very well written.

R/A was classic. Asuka's overconfidence matched with Rei's no nonsense Borg mentality was so good. Love the deadpan responses and Asuka feeling lost for words.

Ritsuko was a nice surprise. Seeing her actually concerned for Rei and hoping for some actual personal feedback. I think I'm most interested to see where you go with the good doctor.

The last section, what a roller coaster ride! Asuka gets hers but you show a completely different side when she sees the Borg sphere. Shinji reacting and showing his mettle but ending up beaten and burned. Feels like he'll be shaken again.

Looking forward to see where this goes. Thanks for the new chapter and keep it up.
5/30 c7 Guest
Things just got harder. So Asuka has a history with the Borg, interesting. Poor Shinji, Ramiel is coming soon and he'll be needed. I like how you keep combining the Eva and Star Trek lores. Keep up the good work.
5/30 c7 15Silvermoonlight GJ
Oh god, I loved this chapter like I loved that more stuff's coming out like Rituko giving a damn Ritsuko Rei, I liked that at some point they will be visiting Deep Space Nine and that Asuka is as coming ad as egotistic as Kirk bt has none of the empathy or compassion hence comes off a real brutal taskmaster in the holodeck...but the end bit, I did not see that coming, like her reasons for why she's terrified of dolls and that fits so perfectly.

Though it comes off real clear that Asuka or someone else took the safety protocols of the holodeck...and whoever did that is gonna have their head roll and I feel t might have been Asuka as she might use pain to deal with her mental problems rather than talk to someone.
5/21 c6 Guest
“Pull a Kirk?” Oh my god, that is hilarious.
5/11 c6 2tism
Enjoyed the coming together of so many of the "children", Toji, Asuka, Shinji, Kensuke and Hikari.

Asuka taking on a Klingon? I can so see that. Priceless. Nice bonding with Hikari.

Interesting to hear Akagi's opinions of Gendo out loud.

Definitely feel the bonds of friendship growing in all the characters.

Thanks for another great chapter. Looking forward to the next.
5/8 c6 15Silvermoonlight GJ
I do like that Shinji in this has more confidence than in the series it just makes much more sense because of the cross over universe itself. Also Thank you for making it that Toji did get into trouble for hitting Shinji that whole thing has never sat well with me in the series, as Toji was never punished it's only in the manga that he takes punishment by asking Shinji to hit him, but in the anime and rebuild he gets off scot-free even though his actions are that of a bully.

The line about Asuka getting a bar fight with a Klingon and winning took me by surprise just because in the series it's rare that people win without breaking bones makes me wonder how many she broke and how the hell she won...it does explain why she has a huge ego and no fear in this universe.
5/3 c5 2tism
Enjoyed this one.

Shinji's thoughts and feelings were very well written. His fear and hesitation, I felt them.

Aside from a bit of confusion with pronouns in the first paragraph, I enjoyed this chapter.

Interested to know where this will go from here. There's lots of room for ST fun and expanding all the characters.

Looking forward to more.
4/25 c1 Guest
should probably be in crossover section.
4/25 c5 15Silvermoonlight GJ
Awesome battle great take on the series bt very differently due to the Starfleet element, I also like that you kept that Shinji has a bruise on his nose as I've always felt that the force Toji hits him with would leave bruises bt the series is quick to pass this over. I like that Asuka tries to help, but is not that great at it right now.
4/15 c4 2tism
Very well written chapter. Your description of Shinji and Misato's concerns about him was great. Definitely could put myself in his shoes.

You have a knack for setting good scenes. I could see all the places in the report about ADAM.

Nice interaction between Misato and Ritsuko. The hesitation, the nerves, finally giving in.

Surprised Rei is a Borg but it works. Like the nods to Voyager and Picard.

Thanks for keeping the story going. I'm enjoying it.
4/11 c4 Guest
This is a very interesting crossover. I think it's really cool.
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