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for THE RISE OF 117

5/30 c5 me
I know others have probably told you this already but you should seriously consider lengthening your chapters. They are ridiculously to short making your story choppy and clunky. There is merit to keeping chapters shorter rather than longer and ending on mild cliffhangers I will grant that. But you are not employing that correctly here. Please reconsider. Outside that, very good story so far, and great concept.
5/20 c1 5andytak3740
I'm glad to see the update. please keep up ther great work. I do hope that you get this version farther then ther original.
5/20 c5 1TheGatorGame
You have done awesome though. You grammar though!It is the best I have seen. Keep working hard bro! You are a great writer! 9 out of 10. Grammar is fine. There needs to be a Character arc. You think just bc Ashoka shows up he is a fine again? He has been in the Dark Side of Decades, that can change the way a person acts! Overall awesome. Never take rude comment a personally. Use it as Inspiration! Have a good day and stay fresh!
5/20 c5 TheGatorGame
Bro some days I just want to live. But after that Cliffhanger I thought I was actually gonna die. All I want to see is 117 and Vader come across each other! Maybe you incorporate some other things like Inferno Squad? (Look at the New Battlefront 2 campaignPicture this Inferno squad versus 117 squad. That would be amazing!
5/2 c4 tom
nice job will you update
4/18 c4 2LONE RANGER 97
Some part seemed a little rushed But not so much so that it came anywhere close to cringy
4/7 c4 1TheGatorGame
Totally cool dude! Even though it was only a Rena time to of the battle in the movies with some changes, it was still awesome! 7 out of ten dude! The reason I gave you away only 7 is because. Get your grammar right dude! Always Capital letters at the start of a sentence! I could barely follow along that is was that bad. Remember don’t take this personal. Just fix some stuff and you’ll be great!
4/3 c3 Asvesniis
Nice story to read, keep writing please i want to see where you take it.
3/30 c3 Cullen Walsh
That sucked really bad rewrite the whole story no build up to short nothing to it it's just here because I'm the author it's boring
3/30 c3 3LegoDoc
You have done well Padawan
3/11 c2 1TheGatorGame
Great chapter dude! Grammar needs some work though. Download Grammarly, it helps a lot! Some of it I felt like you told but you did not use enough imagery to explain the story. The ending needs a bigger cliffhanger so people are hooked. I also felt like the ending was rushed. Awesome story. 7 out of 10 dude!
3/9 c1 TheGatorGame
That is just his announcement. Dude. He will write better I am sure in the future
3/6 c1 Guest
Do not write in all caps.
3/6 c1 Guest
Why is everything in bold
3/4 c1 Guest
This suck 57 that it
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