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11/15 c45 14Lady Isabelle Black
Please write a sequel for this story
Will rose change the future by eliminating Voldemort by giving him a family?
10/11 c45 25civilwarrose
Finished! I loved it. One of the best fanfics I've actually read for the Fantastic Beasts setting.
I hope you write a spinoff or sequel someday, especially with Rose's knowledge of the fact that a toddler named Tom is in an orphanage in that very year. I'm not sure if his destiny could really be altered, but it's an interesting thought!
10/11 c34 civilwarrose
This chapter is precious! Such a joyful celebration and yay- 'Newtina' publicly confirmed in front of everyone! I love it.
Rose is still dealing with a tough situation, the whole 'I'm his sister' thing from before is now becoming a barrier. Somehow there needs to be a public 'reveal' that she is not a blood relative of the Scamanders, without the time travel aspect, which would be considered crazy even amongst wizards.

I'll keep reading on- just wanted to say this chapter was awesome!
10/7 c13 civilwarrose
Such an exciting chapter! The Boggart scene, the idea of using someone's blood to gain access which was a great reference to canon, and yes- they rescued Percival Graves!
10/7 c5 civilwarrose
I'm completely hooked on this story! I'm glad I found it. Rose being sent by Tina 100 years back in time to witness the events of FB is such an intriguing concept. I love how the plot is going, it's well paced and mysterious!
9/9 c38 Reader seororo
Joao! He seems interesting
9/8 c1 Reader Seororo
Wow, reading your story is like breathing fresh air in hpxfb fandom. I'm quite picky fanfict reader. I love unique idea and good writing style, and your story is amazing. But, I feel Theseus' feeling to Rose is too rushed.
8/26 c35 Chiinokami
Hello !
It's not often that I leave review (shame on me I know), but for a change I decided that I needed to do something : how come that a story as great and beautiful as yours is not on the top of the stage ?
The characters are really well developped and I fell in love with our little Rose, she's really a nice character to read.

And the story Oh the story ... it's follows the movies so that we're not completly AU, but now we're going into the real game, and I'm really excited to discover how you're going to develop this plot.

A huge thanks for this wonderful story, and I hope that my little review has been a nice moment for you !
6/29 c21 Outofthisworldgal
If I was Rose the next time I saw Leta I would punch her in the nose like a common Muggle and then in turn Theseus since you know he would threaten Rose again. I don't see how Rose ends up with Theseus
6/14 c1 Hazeleyes92
I just want to say that I am really enjoying your story! for a change, I decided to check out Harry Potter crossovers, and I came across this beauty.

It is wonderfully written and I love the premise that you are using. I cannot wait for the next chapter to be posted and I hope you keep writing and updating!
3/9 c4 SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
I really like your story.
Rose really is a change. Unfortunately, most Harry Potter Crossover FFs with Fantastic Beasts are more like that, the newest grandson meets Harry or something. Few are thematic with time travel. Really sad. Fantastic Beasts has so much potential.

Please continue to write quickly. I need to know what to do next.

With kind regards SupergodzillaSailorCosmos

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