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for A Scandal in Vegas

8/14 c1 53BigMoose01
Looks like Eda still misses her ex-husband. But her aim is getting better!
7/14 c1 Guest
have you heard anything from prismrain13, it's been awhile since the last chapter of her kh trilogy.
6/10 c1 47TalkingSalad12
They pull scams. They love money. They endanger children for stupid stunts... lets they’re soul mates
5/25 c1 Cybertoy00
The Journal! It fell through the bottomless pit into Boiling Isles!
5/3 c1 16Kittyaceres
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
5/2 c1 Guest
have u heard anything from prismrain about any new chapters for another side, another story, reconnected, or keys of lineage?
4/3 c1 1Why-is-there-bacon-in-the-soap
Eda. Has. Journal. Three! I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. After Weirdmagedden Dipper and Ford threw the Journals into the Bottomless Pit, which means they could end up anywhere! Even the Boiling Isles...

Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece! I really enjoyed it. :)
3/17 c1 7GummyKoala
This a cool one-shot. 10/10 would recommend.
3/7 c1 22Angelwings2002
I love the idea that the owl house and Gravity falls are connected, in more ways then one...hehe. This was a great one-shot I liked it a lot, very creative!
3/5 c1 19Christalm
Another possible continuation.

Luz goes to Earth with Willow, Guz, Amity with Eda to a Comic Con to meet Azura's Earth author (Amity and Luz have a discussion about who is the real author because Earth and Bi versions of Azura books are signed by different authors).

In the Comic Con something weird happened. All loose their powers and the transdimensiona key don't work.

So Eda try to flee with the childs stealing a car. The polices capture them and put into a jail.

Then Standley appears. It seems that they are married YET, so the police contant him (one of his cleanest fake identities) as her husband.

Weird meeting, they discover that both tell the truth each other. Eda (that she told him all the time that she named Edalyn... it was Standley who insist in call her worng) told him that she's a witch from another dimension.
Standley had been explained that he had a missed twin brother into a dimensional rift.
Neither believed each other, but now they discovered that both tell the truth.

They discovered that the problem in the magic was because some weird interdimensional event occured. Earth and another dimension called "Mewni" (End of Star vs the forces of evil) has fused together and blown up the magic, at least in this new dimension.

So the twins decide to invite the group to the Mistery Shack (where Eda discovered how much they have in common) while Ford try to contact an old friend (Rick Sanchez from Rick&Morty) that could know how to return them to their home.
3/4 c1 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
This was a cool fic i like how you wrote the interactions and just how ford was shocked about stan's confession was great along with stan's explanation. The way you wrote the dialouge was incredible it was real as in i could see the characters say theese things you did a great job there
3/4 c1 6Cross177
this would be the most fun to expand on, especially with Conwoman meeting Conman, at least having Eda randomly popping into Gravity Falls if just to riffle through Stan and Ford's trash. Mistaking Ford for Stan
3/4 c1 NobodieZ
Good work on this.
3/4 c1 27Jss2141
I think you need to expand on this and get them back together.
3/4 c1 782Shaeril McBrown
Wait Stan have an ex wife

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