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8/3 c6 Lucecita2786
Que interesante la historia muy diferente a todas las otras que he leido y he leido muchas pero me gusto mucho esta estoy ansiosa para que actualices pronto
7/21 c6 Olamy
Yijung trying not to be more familiar with her again but we know he does care about 't wait for the next chapter,update soon authornim
7/20 c1 30Ione-Sama
Any plans to update?
7/18 c6 irmiscarpio
Agggg! Quisiera que Ga Eul no se ilusione tan rápido, creo que Yí Jeong merece sufrir un poco
7/18 c6 Mamiyetty
Am in love with this story..
Please update soon
7/18 c6 Greenmeetsgrey
Oh lord. I love this so much. I cannot wait for the rest haha.
7/17 c6 lucel18
Lol, of course ...she should ignore him this time, or sound aloof in the text message. Lol. Thank you!
7/17 c6 kiki
why do you do this to me, I'm upset with the way Yi Jeong acted :( but I guess I can feel the awkwardness between them lol.
Anyway, please don't let Dong Suk likes Gaeul hehe. Having one guy friend is nice for her 3
Thank you for updating! Stay healthy and happy!
7/17 c6 Guest
I got so excited upon seeing your update... and left us at a cliffhanger. Waaahhhhh.
Thank goodness for GaEul’s 2 loyal friends. Interesting how JiHoo is starting to make his move.

May Chapter 7 be up soon.
7/17 c6 Guest
Yaaaaa Jeong ahhh...whats with the midnight text? R u drunk? Hahahahahahahaha

Be good to the good girl cause you need her to be good person..
7/17 c6 myrslayer
OMG! A new chapter! This one was intense! I want to punch Yi Jeong , why was he acting like that? Probably he ‘s terrified about his feelings for her but he was so cold with the poor Ga Eul .

I really want that Dong Suk made to feel jelous to Yi Jeong and that Ga Eul doesn’t answer his message . Yi Jeong deserve to suffer just a little.

I ‘m waiting for the new chapter . Please up date as soon as possible.
7/16 c6 Maria Rosa cisi
Yi jong eres torpe primero la ignoras como si nada ubiera susedido no la saludas ni la vez a los ojos .Y despues de varias oras la buscas. Jandi y tu que no me acuerdo tu nombre dejen en paz a Ga eul y yi jong Ellis tienen que estar juntos siempre
7/16 c6 3lumile
The fact that he tried really hard but couldn't resist talking to her at last is killing me slowly!
7/16 c6 Eleoopy
Oh noooo. YJ trying to show Ge and then end up hurting her:( why u leave us with that

Hope to see the next chapter soon. Maybe a happier one? Sometimes I forgot how stupid YJ can be
7/16 c5 Guest
I like the “JunPyo” cookie reference like the ones in the show. It’s funny how JiHoo would seem to just say stuff randomly - and annoy YiJeong haha.
It’s good that you left us hanging without a SoEul kiss - yet. Can’t wait for the next chapters.
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