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for Groom Falls: Legends of a New Summer

9/11 c1 bluesclues01
HIIIIIIIIIII I love this! Welcome to the fandom! (Don't do smile dip or pinecest)
9/10 c20 Guest
I'm sad
9/10 c19 durrendurrendol1993
something dangerous is coming
9/1 c18 durrendurrendol1993
I want to know more about the empire
8/28 c17 Joseph
Iwonder if you will make different arcs for diferent charcathers because it make me think like the last story was for Pacifica characther development i just hope to see Dipper and Mabel having their own characther development like Mabel maturing a little more since in the show is looked like a very selfish girl i dont know if you had watched videos of Mabel being the worst charaher i think there is some valid points about Mabel being so selfish and she doesnt receive any kind of punishment. I just hope she receive a little of punishment or maybe making something she will regret and someone point out her biggest flaws, but course she need to redeem herself because some people the chapter in the graphic novel wasnt enough. Also Dipper could have her own charcather development like Dipper is looking himself and starting to think that if he is at the level to be in Pacifica side, egining to questioning if he has the capability to be reliable for Pacifica and being a burden questioning if he is usefull, or if he is special for Pacifica and of course he will shine in his way maybe outsmart an opponent just like Aladin with Jafar, or maybe make an invention or some discovery when the group try to stop or defeat an enemy.
8/20 c17 durrendurrendol1993
never watch girls and panzer
8/20 c17 Guest
8/11 c16 durrendurrendol1993
the end of GF still hurts
8/11 c16 Guest
Good fight
7/31 c15 Joseph
I had a question those elfs in that world is based in any videogame? or movie? or book? or your making your own lore of elves. ALso they have technology? And what the fuck are those twisted twins are doing did they just send someone like the soul and body of someone to were hell, or a lovecraftnian world, and i had some pretty ideas of how they gonna fight theyew twisted versions, but of course with the hlep of that bird and maybe some elven allies, or ninjas or maybe even those skeletons. But who knows maybe an unexpected allies because alone cant do anything uless they will reveal some kind of power but thats unlikely. I imagine that Dipper will need to oursmart his evil version or maybe play in his evil insecurities like her sister its better than him and that will make Mason Glefull explode and his madness will be his doom, and maybe dark mabel will had a allergic of cat fur who knows.
7/31 c15 Joseph
Wonder how they will fight? or how they will escape? What kind of hability will show Pacifica? Dipper has knowledge of animals, Mabel talk to them, so Pacifica will be the one to able to summon an animal or creature?. Also since when Dipper has that knowledge?' and what future abilities will have the trio?. The secutiry in the tree house sucks, what happend to air security?. Next time there should anti air missiles or lasers or a energy force to protect the building. You know there is a theory maybe by Gaijing Goomba saying that Sans is not a skeleton or a total skeleton but a type of undeath seeking for vengeance i thinks its called a Revenant. Because of the glowing eye. Also if there is a chance to see other undertale characters? And other question if the trio someday they will travel to a place that looks like the Old West i suggest to make a reference to the game Wild Guns, there is a new version remaded a few years ago and its called Wild Guns Reloaded wich includes 2 new characthers a fat woman name Doris and a dog with an droid called bullet. I imagine Dipper being Clint, Pacifica being Annie, Mabel as Doris; to bad Waddles is not there it will be the perfect pet to be in the role of Bullet, imagine a pig in a drone and shotting enemies.
7/27 c15 durrendurrendol1993
the best chapter so far, I can't wait for the end
7/27 c15 Guest
Very good chapter
7/21 c14 Joseph
Forgot to mention if Sans and Papyrus will gith like in that youtube videos of characters of Undertale VS BANDITS. Thats was good videos, another question that i had if Dipper would learn that he need how to use more is brain since its his best abilities comes from his brain, guts or determination, it reminds me of what that trainer of Goblin Slayer said "You were powerless and you didnt do a thing. Did you think, you could do something, as soon as you gained a little bit of power. Even if you could itd be just for show. It' ll soon be gone, and poof, its all over. But youre the one who has to decide. The moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win". Also down to China (or CCP) and Soros.
7/17 c14 Joseph
Chara Castle sounds suspicious wonder if the real Chara lives there, i ntoiced that Pacifica its surprised to see aTREX but i tough she already seen one, unless she didnt saw how they get that T Rex as a arm and hand for the Shackatron, i suposse Pacifica tough it was an invention from McGucket or she doesnt have a good memory in certain things. I had a theory of why Pacifica is blonde, its because on the mother side of the family someone is blonde like her grandfather or grandmother also Mabel once said that Pacifica is blood its blue, wich make me think that in the mother side of the family someone was from Royalty or former Royalty, and who knows maybe one of the ancestors of Pacifica was an elve from Groom Falls.
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