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3/20 c1 Shawnied777
Can you please just write them forever? I absolutely adore your fic 3 Definitely would have loved to see this in the movies. Especially Dom looking like he was about to pass out!
3/6 c1 Dandanj
Wow ! You back for us. I loved it! It is amazing. Thanks for sharing dottylove. I miss yoy honey! xoxo
3/6 c1 Moni
Love this take on Letty’s return to Dom!
3/6 c1 5anna42hmr
Great to see a new fast dotty fic from you. Would love to see it continued!
3/6 c1 clarakat1
Beautiful chapter, I loved the way you disgusted the meeting of Letty and Dom. I am very happy that you have written something about Fast / Dotty, I hope that fast 9 motivates you to return to write about Dotty as before.
3/5 c1 25amksschristian
It was nice. Simple. I liked it. The only critique I have is I know you said wasn’t exactly canon, but I figured I should tell you anyway. Or ask rather. Why did you say Madrid? Was that your choice or did you not remember Dom and Elena had a villa in the Canary Islands in the beginning of 6?
3/5 c1 thanksabunch1
Love it! Missed you please keep going!

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