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10/18/2021 c10 Reader
Did you really have to kill so many of the dragonguard?
11/11/2020 c10 NightOwlHope
Hi Ocaj, awesome chapter and quite a shocking type as well. Callum getting stabbed from Rayla, and Rayla in a close depressing state about the relationship. Now his blood on her blades. Hopefully you'll post more chapters dude. Can't wait to find out what else is next.

P.s. How you been since near Thanksgiving? From your opinion, what do you think of Callum and Rayla relationship so far? Love reading the fic dude! The chapters keeps getting more and more intense.

Keep on doing an Awesome job of the story man.

NightOwlHope Signing Off!
10/19/2020 c10 WaffleOverlord
Just a little foreword, in about 3 years of this site I have never reviewed, only favorite and follow... so for me to be so enraptured and enthralled in this story is an achievement to be sure.
The story and it's twist are going great and the character development and drama are amazing, and I love how you are taking this whole "humans, elves, and arcanums" deal.

Encore please!
10/19/2020 c10 Brenne
Oh no! OH NO! What a mess! How will Callum, Ezran, Zym, and Rayla be able to fix all this? This is so nerve wracking! I've GOT to see what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
10/19/2020 c10 Mateusz Weryski
what have you done to my heart?! I just can't wait to see if callum is gonna be still under the spell!
10/19/2020 c10 1Knighthunter911700
Bra, I had been reading old fanfics because the new ones were so bad, no story, just thriller. So when I got this new chapter I had such low expectations. Guess I stand, or lay, corrected. It is one of the best chapters and seeing that he has connected to the Star arcanum should give him resistance to charms, as he is the master of his own fate.

Also the fact that Rayla actually killed him shocked me. Love this chapter and I can’t wait to see the political shit storm that is soon to follow.
10/19/2020 c10 Kacper983
Now that's a grim chapter if I ever saw one. Good thing that at least king, queen, and Zym are okay-ish. What happened to Callum really is heartbreaking. I know you suggested that Rayla will follow up on Bosor's words, but I personally don't keep much hope for that. In this situation, his words could mean anything, not to mention that Aerum Umbra would certainly ignore this tiny little bit of info, especially considering that Rayla was the only one to hear them. She could be easily accused of just being biased because of her romantic involvement.
Now, to Callum. For a moment, in the end, I thought that he'll return to the land of living as some sort of an astral being. I guess I played too much Final Fantasy lately, but I digress. Callum will be in an even worse position than he already was. Claudia will revive him, that's a given. What happens next, I can only guess. If she follows up with her plans to un-charm him, I wouldn't want to be in Callum's skin. IF he remembers what happened then, he will be broken in every sense of the word. Now, I'll toy with the "what would I do in his place". Three things, I would probably hunt down people responsible for what happened and all the dark mages I could find, write a letter to the Storm Spire explaining everything (not that it would be worth much in the king's eyes), and take my own life or just vanish from the face of the earth. I wouldn't be able to live with the knowledge of the things I, willingly or not, did. No idea how Callum's going to pull this off.

Oof, is it just me or this review got really dark?
It's also probably the longest review I ever wrote.
10/18/2020 c10 13Oragonking
Oh man, Zubeia, Umbra, and all the Dragons are making a big mistake. They'll became the same as the Dark Mages, invading and taking the lifes of innocents. By the way, Callum returning back to the world, I have a hunch who is helping him.

But seriously man, this story makes me want to send my own characters into your world and put a stop to the hideous crime the Dragons are about to commit... maybe someday I will.
10/18/2020 c10 Gustrubio
Well this certainly bring back memoirs, like ATLAB Book 2 end, we finish the book with a heavy heart and no hope what so ever T-T, but are immensely rewarded in book 3 with all our dreams coming true :), so yeah let's not lose hope just yet, even more with the promise of Rayllum in the next book ;).

The fight scenes were good enough for me, not to simple but not overly detailed so good job there.

Other than that i hope your life is better and more calm by the end of November, stay safe.
10/18/2020 c10 11Rainbowhawk1993
Man... What is Rayla to do now? War is coming and she's caught in the middle of it.

But I'm curious about what's going to happen to Callum now that he's going to be brought back to life by Claudia. Will his connection to the Star Arcanum allow him to become immune to the charm and he'll communicate with Rayla in her dreams?

Anyway, really looking forward to the next story when you get to it.
10/18/2020 c10 3mdauben
What a terrible chapter. Not the writing, which was excellent. It's the events that took place. So much death and destruction! Now, even if Callum does return, how will he ever forgive himself? Even more, how can they stop a new war from starting now?
10/14/2020 c9 njtreat13
Really great story, I love the arc it is on, I would love to see claudia surviving and having a slow redemption arc, but from the way the piece is going it looks pretty certain that your going to be knocking her off.
9/30/2020 c9 NightOwlHope
Hi Ocaj, awesome chapter this weekend, I bet it was shocking for Rayla that turns out Callum is working with the Dark Mages. Now one of the questions remains, what is Rayla going to do about it? Its painful when you have to fight your lover, but she doesn't know he's being controlled by Claudia.

For your opinion, do have hope that the 2 lovers will reunite and Rayla finding way to break the controlment? Btw, how's the day's been going besides Covid-19? Hopefully they'll find a cure very soon because USA where I live is number 1#, but me and family are still okay and being extra careful.

Keep on doing a fantastic job on the chapters dude.

NightOwlHope Signing Off!
9/29/2020 c9 11Rainbowhawk1993
Well... $hit!

From how you responded vaguely to my predictions, I’m going to assume Rayla will know exactly that Callum is controlled when she sees Claudia or Catlyn drops her name.

Considering that Umbra is going to be in the story for the long haul, I have a feeling the attack will fail and Claudia will be forced to retreat. But if Callum is going to be freed and not continue to be Claudia’s slave for season 6, she’ll have to be severally wounded so Callum can be free from her. Perhaps after Claudia retreats and Callum is free, Callum will be distraught from what he was forced to do and Umbra will demand him to be executed. But Rayla will make the ultimate choice and go rouge to escape with Callum and both of them will become fugitives for season 6 and 7.

God this is going to be heart wrenching.
9/29/2020 c9 13Oragonking
Auruem Umbra must have a bad experience once with a Dark Mage if he has become this agitated. I hope to learn more about this Dragon life story. I also hope that Rayla will be able to free Callum from the Claudia's spell.
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