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4h c45 1Savage Rob
omg poor anthony
16h c45 lillianolivia.white
Finally Edward will try to reunite with a Anthony and hopefully Bella.
18h c45 GloriousGauri
yay! really good chapter
18h c45 Analitica
Poor Bella always something makes her remember everything. I hope she seeks professional help to overcome everything. Love how Anthony is so protective of her. Please update soon.
20h c45 joshuasmom131
I hope Edward will go England with esme and Carlisle to see Anthony and can’t wait for Edward and Bella meet. Need more chapters please!
21h c45 motherbeatrice
I wouldn
t be surprised if Anthony doesn't hit his Dad...he needs to let go of that anger though...
8/1 c44 angie671
Thank you :)
8/1 c44 mommymac0508
Wow oh wow I read all 44 chapters almost non stop I love it more please
7/31 c44 Savage Rob
ugh Irina was craaaazy!
7/31 c44 motherbeatrice
Finally she is going to get what she deserves...evil laugh...and there is perhaps hope...for Edward, Bella, Anthony...love this...Edward is lucky he had people working one his behalf without his knowledge...especially Dimitri...
7/31 c44 Hoa3
Hope Irina gets hers. Court...with all witnesses. Even Aro...hehehe
7/31 c44 joshuasmom131
I don’t know if it was a good idea for Edward to let irina know bellas alive, hopefully she stays in prison. Hopefully aro will kill irina off that would be great! Can’t wait for more! :)
7/31 c44 3moons
Yeah Anthony is reunited with Bella!
Poor Edward, what a blow for him to learn that Irina killed his wife and almost killed Bella.
Now what is he gonna do? Fly to London to see Anthony and Bella? I hope so. He has a lot to explain...
Thank you for those chapters, they were great as always
7/31 c43 Tcarroll1234
So good. I can’t wait for the reunion. Poor Edward
7/31 c44 Analitica
OMG, Edward shouldn't have told Irina about Bella being alive. This is getting so good. I can't wait to see more. Thanks for another chapter.
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