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1/30 c59 Marymary123
Loved it.
1/29 c28 Marymary123
Excellent advice.. Heed it Bella.
12/10/2023 c61 Vamps09
Great story! Thanks for writing!
3/19/2023 c61 Cina's
I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. A story that made me laugh , made me cry and warmed my heart all at once. You are an amazing talent and loved how in the end you wrapped everything up nicely. Thank you so much for sharing.
1/13/2023 c6 Partygirl87
I love the story and your writing.
11/12/2022 c43 Just Sus
This should have come with a tissue warning! Crying my eyes out over their reunion! Now we need Edward to get his head out of his ass and come tomLondon!
11/11/2022 c9 Just Sus
One tiny mistake you keep's "WHERE is the bedroom?"
not "WHAT'S the bedroom". Sorry, this bothered me! Love Anthony and Bella's relationship!
11/11/2022 c6 Just Sus
This is a very interesting story! Edward is going g to have to change a lot, to make up for his lack of affection and time with Anthony. And, change to get Bella's affection, too!
7/19/2022 c13 Robsfan
I'm confused bella was given co by Alec
7/19/2022 c11 Robsfan
I knew the assistant wants Edward
7/19/2022 c3 Guest
Desert: is dry air place dessert: is like ice cream good story
9/8/2021 c60 it's simply me n you
I LOVE this outtake. She is such a special happy child. Just wants the best for people
9/8/2021 c57 it's simply me n you
Going to Los Angeles (even for a short trip) will be good for them all. It should help to get rid of some bad memories and all that stuff
8/1/2021 c43 it's simply me n you
Even though anddie almost died, I loved it when she was calling “big brother, big brother “. So sweet
7/20/2021 c19 it's simply me n you
She is pure evil!
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