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for Bogo-in Down

4/28/2020 c1 4Malchus-Fireheart
Great start. Very well written.
3/29/2020 c10 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Woot woot on an incredible story! Both of you guys have shown remarkable talent with double teaming this story, and it was incredible to read. I loved how the story advanced, the realism of each character and all the fun this was to read. And I hope that book of Nick's and Judy's gets filled with a few more pages in future stories. XD Great story you two!
3/29/2020 c9 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Reginald got destroyed and it was glorious! XD Slick Nick was incredible in this, and it looks like he has a career in undercover work in his future. An incredible chapter and I loved this story. :)
3/29/2020 c8 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Oh boy...Staggno is in deep, deep trouble now. He's really overreaching and I think it will cost him his agenda. XD Oh the horror lol. XD Grat chapter!
3/29/2020 c7 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Looks like their evil machinations are coming apart and it is never a good idea for a boss to tick off their secretary. XD
3/26/2020 c9 Guest
Oh wow keep it up please this is getting better and better
3/25/2020 c1 Guest
3/27/2020 c10 Wolfx1120
Great job :3
3/23/2020 c8 z
no hay cosa mas odiosa wue los abogados sea que esten del lado corecto o no
3/22/2020 c5 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Yep, Nick has a point there. He has to be careful about what he does, but he still wants to help however he can. Great chapter!
3/22/2020 c4 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Oh boy...they've angered Judy, and that is never a good thing to do lol. Great chapter and I'm loving this story!
3/20/2020 c7 FirnenOne
"Piss is sterile...". I don't have words to describe how perfect and hilarious was that. And the questioning about the '48 hs' was great too!

Amazing chapter!
3/17/2020 c5 ff
huy pasado oculto
3/18/2020 c6 2Victor John Foxfire
It's this moment, that makes me see the Flaws in Bogo's 'Hunker-down' strategy.

For one, It's what Staggno wants. Had Bogo stepped down, he would be Unchallenged, and able to insert the type of Chief HE wants... But if Bogo goes through the Court, his Reputation would be left in tatters, and even if he's Reinstated at the end, trust will be difficult to regain. Add in the fact that the Mayor is disposing off the old Guard, and replacing them with Radicals that follow his horrid ideals, means that the "New Guard" will still cause Bogo and the ZPD trouble afterwards.

The second, is that he's doing it alone. The Strategy effectively only stops one opponent, Staggno. It doesn't stop the New Guard from making up Bullshite laws that impede the Police, or implement useless systems that cause more harm than good, which will mean Bogo slowing down Staggno's rule, won't stop his planted groupies from harassing him afterwards.

That's why having the ZPD check on the Members of the New Guard, and Staggno himself, causes a Blindsiding 'Pincer move', that is, Staggno and his Forming Goon Squad are Distracted by their 'upcoming Victory', and thus, can't see the ZPD has found out their Illicit dealings and Plays to gain more power and control.

By revealing these, it will ruin Staggno's plans, throw the 'New Guard' for a loop, and induce infighting among their rank and file, thus destroying his plan and bringing it crashing down on Staggno.
3/18/2020 c6 Wolfx1120
wow... this just keeps getting better and better :3
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