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for Half-Life: Opposing Force 2

3/13 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
3/10 c1 1Medical Idiot
First chapter in and I'm hooked.
Looking forwards to your next upload.
3/9 c1 2Crazy Iemon
I really like setting up Adrian as Combine and having him hunt for Freeman that way. It makes a really good parallel to Opposing Force being essentially a Half Life clone, except from the perspective of the bad guy humans. I'm sure this was your intention since Adrian straight up comparison the way the rebel looks at his combine uniform to the way the scientist viewed his military uniform.

The dialogue was pretty exposition heavy, but I'm not sure if there was a better way to do it, especially since you were aiming for a one-shot; if it had been multiple chapters, it could have been reveal bit by bit to a confused Adrian who's just winging it.

Good read.
3/8 c1 1ElephantDoingCrack
Not going to lie, this was interesting to read: there were moments were I was caught off guard and I was really fascinated by your spin on Shephard's character. I've never seen or read something like this where it makes Shephard not exactly the good guy; most fan fictions about the continuation of Shephard's story, from what I've seen, try making him goodhearted person. Overall, an amazing job you did here, it was very unique.
If I had three hands, I would give this story three thumbs up.

Not to brag too much, but I actually made my own story about the continuation of Corporal
Shephard's story as well. I made it a well back though, I called it Missing in Action.

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