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9/20 c7 26Lil Lost Lady
Ignis should take Noctis flying more often. Now that he's told Prom in this chapter is the next one gonna be where he tells Gladdy or will he hold off a bit more? Hopefully he give Noct a chance before the 'peace treaty' comes about. I have been thinking; if Ignis can hide what he is to blend in with the humans then others of his species can too. So if another one was doing so around Ignis would he be able to tell? Will we see more of his kind if/when they have to leave Insomnia for the wedding? Or will that be avoided sense Ignis might be able to tell it's a trap just by the feelings Ardyn is putting off. Unless Ignis doesn't run into him but he's able to feel things at a distance so who knows. Also just how long does his kind live? He was thinking how 70-100 years wasn't something he liked in regards to human lifespans.
9/20 c6 Lil Lost Lady
I'm curious to see how Noctis plans to go about convincing Iggy to give them a chance. It's not like Ignis doesn't have a point most human teenage boys wouldn't be able to swear off sex. Of course I'd never consider Noctis to fall under the category of 'most'

Also to have eggs/babies does Ignis need to have a mate that's his own kind? Does he have to have a mate at all to have them if he wanted them?
9/20 c5 Lil Lost Lady
I'm glad that Prompto and Noctis have each other and that Cor is finally gonna become the daddy Cor he was meant to be. He should've just listened to Ignis from the start, well at least he should know better in the future.
9/20 c4 Lil Lost Lady
I like the little bit of info you sprinkle here and there about Ignis' species. I had wondered about romance and I guess if they get mates then they have some form of attachment like that. Does Ignis healing mean that Noctis won't be going to Tenebrae? Does that mean they won't be attacked? Well if they are this time Ravus won't be able to blame Regis for it. Also I hope the ending bit means that Prompto and Noct get to be friends even sooner!
9/20 c3 Lil Lost Lady
It's always a sad thing to read about Aulea's passing but I didn't realize that Ignis' empathic nature had such a reach that it could feel people outside of his immediate area. Despite all the sadness I thought the Ignis and baby Noct scenes were adorable. Also baby Prom is an extra side of adorableness, always glad to see him get rescued. When Cor showed Regis baby Prom I loved the 'He hadn't been gone that long!' line so funny. And I agree with Iggy about Daddy Cor, hopefully he does get Prom back at some point.

So I'm a bit confused can Iggy shapeshift or is he altering other's perception of him? If it was the ladder then the form shouldn't feel so weird to him should it? I'm guessing he has some shapeshifting abilities. Either way I guess this is how his people keep from being found out.
9/20 c2 Lil Lost Lady
The start with Ignis' pov makes me think he was kidnaped before he was found by the people who brought him to Insomnia. I'm also wondering about what exactly Ignis feeds on emotion? But then when he says it's dead when it comes to Regis I don't get what it means. Maybe because the Crystal is draining him so Iggy can't get what he needs from Regis fully?

I laughed at Ignis researching babies and thinking 'ewww' at some points, his thoughts about his kinds procreation makes me wonder just how they accomplish it and if they have romantic feelings for others at all even if they're not sexual. If they don't then is he gonna know what to do about having those feelings about Noctis or maybe he doesn't maybe it's him reacting to Noct's feelings in the future? Speaking of Noctis I wonder when Ignis will be introduced to him well other than right now before he's born.
9/20 c1 Lil Lost Lady
I'm kinda picturing a human-bat hybrid kid Iggy in my head. Anyways I'm really curious as to where Ignis came from and if he actually is a new species or maybe one that's going extinct or perhaps one that's just really good at hiding from humans.
8/29 c7 1darkpaladin89
Not looking forward to Gladio's reaction. That's gonna get ugly fast.
8/28 c7 Juanita
I love how they are coming together now they need Gladio on board and wouldnt be be cool if Iggy could tal their dna together and make a baby out of the 4 of them. Be safe and and stay well.
Thank you,
8/28 c7 2Yumi Edogawa
I'm glad Noctis and Prompto reacted well. Hopefully Gladio will be fine with it even if he reacts badly initially.
8/28 c7 Jostanos
Omake?: A certain mauve haired cadet sighed at the scene as he manned the security station. "You're a lucky guy, Iggy. You have not one, but two guys that like you, and one is the Prince himself!"
It was lucky that the cadet was also monitoring the other monitors because he spotted something rather odd happening near the west wall and alerted the guards in that area:

Watch station to West Wall Guard Stations 3, 5, and 7, it may be nothing, but there's some odd activities happening in your areas." "This is West Was Station 3 Ugh.. Not Again, Matuso. that's the third time this week." "Station five here. Three, give the cadet a break. He was accurate the past few time he was there when he notified me." "Station seven here. Matsuo. You're right. There is suspicious activity out here." Station three exclaims "WHAT?! I don't see any.. Oh Shards! Is that a.."
Station 5: "Oh yeah.. That's a behemoth." "And a few MT's What the Hades is going on here?"
4/8 c6 Jostanos
Matsuo: *shrugs* "So you time skipped a bit, Sci. The story progresses how _YOU_ want it to and not how _WE_ want it to no matter how much some of us may protest, rant, etc etc."
4/8 c6 fraidykat
Great chapter! I love how you handle Ignis's showing Noct, cant wait for his horns to show up and are any of Ignis family going to show up? Stay safe and healthy.
Thank you,
4/8 c6 krzys2000
Good chapter as always.
Update as soon as you can manage!
I hope that Ignis will take the oath.
3/29 c5 Jostanos
Omake?: "Those jerks! Those bakas!" a mauve haired lad growls "How _dare_ they be mean to both Noctis and Prompto just because one was the Prince and the other has blonde hair!"
The lad then punches a nearby wall and continues "They didn't have too much of an issue with my _MAUVE HAIR_.. or..or.." the lad sighs "my eyes."
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