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for Gilderoy's Guide to Impersonating the Dead

6/21/2020 c1 67Aya Diefair
Honestly I had no idea what to expect when I dived into this story, but it really made the experience more fulfilling I think. It is just so off the wall random to picture and yet you wrote it so convincingly and it all melded together so well that it was a great and amusing read through and through.

Gilderoy and Gaston would clash personality wise and you certainly showed it, and yet I find it so cute that Gaston is jealous of Gilderoy at the same time that the obnoxious interruptions are almost endearing. It really is a shame Gilderoy found his wits end with it, though making the tornado warning go off is quite the dramatic way of doing things, I agree.
5/13/2020 c1 186ProfessorSquirrell
This. Is. Awesome. Like i don't even really read crossovers but I'm a sucker for Gilderoy fanfic and you captured him perfectly. Going from famous author to resurrected Elvis just seems so Gilderoy.
And this: "Irritation itched in the armpits of his stark-white pantsuit."
And Gaston having magic and his jealousy coming through. The tornado shelter and including the little canon details from both stories like the three girls from Beauty and the Beast and Gilderoy's lilac speedo. And LeFou inserting himself in their argument... All really well done. I'm impressed.
5/13/2020 c1 213MoonytheMarauder1
I remember beta'ing this! :D It's just as fun the second time reading, omg. First off, I totally love that Gilderoy became an Elvis impersonator. That is the best thing ever. It's weirdly plausible for him, too, which is incredible.

Now, Gaston had be dying here. He was a major jerk, of course, but just the competition for attention he had going with Gilderoy—two large egos battling for dominance. It was incredible to witness. And I love how Gilderoy chalked it up to Gaston being jealous of his success and fame. XD

I've always been so impressed by your ability to write humor, and this was no exception. The plot, the characters—it all blew me away. I have to add real quick that I love how you had Gilderoy Obliviate Gaston in the end; it was a nice nod to canon.

Really, really great fic! Loved it!
4/15/2020 c1 101insertcleverandwittytitlehere
Okay, so how often does one get to read a Harry Potter-Beauty and the Beat-Elvis Presley crossover? Fairly seldom, I would wager. And that's just a tragedy, because this was absolutely brilliant from start to end. As soon as I read the synopsis, I was hooked. I think I smiled the entire time I read this piece, too, because it was just so entertaining. And also super creative. I am in awe of the places you must have went to create this completely believable story for the characters presented.
Your writing style is also very fluid, and I think you have a great balance of introducing concepts while staying true to your characters. There were several lines that I had to read twice, just because I loved them so much. The little details you added as well really brought the piece to life. Everything from the three pastel-clad girls fawning over Gaston to the lavender speedo Gilderoy worse—all brilliant.
Over all a delight to read. Thank you for putting this into the world, because I have so many new head canons. Thanks for writing!
3/9/2020 c1 203DolbyDigital
This was absolutely brilliant! This take on Gilderoy — from his mannerisms to his dialogue to his obsession with the colour lilac — was so perfect, and I loved every second of this! I would /love/ to see this turned into a ‘verse some day, with Gilderoy meeting various Disney characters.

And I absolutely loved that Gilderoy became an Elvis impersonator! It’s so delightfully weird and original, and absolutely brilliant! I know you said this was a crack!fic, but the entire thing felt weirdly plausible :P

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