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for Steven Universe Future: Titan Awakening

9/7 c1 Mass0234
Upgrade story
5/29 c2 KaijuMaster19
I think it's Shin Godzilla
5/27 c6 11OMAC001
Sounds like Stubbs is going through similar stuff as Steven. Oh, Alliteration!
5/21 c5 OMAC001
Oh, Stubs gonna throw-down!
5/20 c5 Blu IV
Be sure to put Form 3’s Boiling Blood ability into action. It can also me pressurized and formed into a jet of the boiling blood, which is shot out of the mouth.
4/9 c4 1Stanley Max
Legendary Godzilla or Japanese Version of Godzilla/Shin Godzilla ?
4/2 c1 Guest
is it me or is "stubbs" shin godzilla?
3/31 c4 11OMAC001
Looks like 'Stubbs' isn't an only child...
3/27 c3 Guest
Man if Godzilla earth in this
I would be excited and disappointed at the same time first the trilogy was trash but Fee Fi foe Suckas
3/27 c3 Guest
If shin goji is the same as cave Godzilla then that universe fucked when Steven becomes Stevzilla
Also Kong which your description of him is different from legendary Kong due to them not caring about protecting humans as much his home while Godzilla is the one protects humanity
3/25 c3 OMAC001
So a combo between Shin and Legendary Godzilla, huh? Can't wait to see how this turns out!
3/21 c2 Little Liar
I like Steven Universe.
3/11 c1 Guest
Shin boi
3/11 c1 Guest
YO! This took me awhile to figure out the the little eel creature was shin Godzilla.

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