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for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Platinum of Remnant

7/27 c14 Glumpshin
Next chapter is gonna get weird with the tongue cherry thing. After that, even weirder when they get to what could be the RWBY version of India.
7/23 c14 musizlover2008
Why you no update faster?
6/8 c14 dragonslayerajahn
hi you got to check out (Toku . fun) you can Watch super sentai Kamen Rider and some other stuff it's all sub cause it's from japan but i think you'll love it i recommend

Lupinranger vs Patranger that one is my all time favorite

and Kamen rider Gaim and if you decide to make a reaction story of kamen rider Jaune you can't go wrong with this one you can also do saber or blade (their both different shows ones called saber and the other is called Blade) or Zi-0 or decade if you really want to go OP oh

and there is Gekiranger that is a great one better then Jungle fury and i used to love Jungle fury until i watched Gekiranger
5/27 c6 romeoaifesili
If Nora thought tower of gray was disappointing, wait until they get to superfly.
5/12 c14 3NJMR IV
Dude, explaining what "sus" is? Liminal spaces? Characters talking to the OC over and over again about small things? The adults constantly sucking the fun and smarts out of the fight scenes?

These are not very good reactions I'm just putting it out there. Like, the premise is still fine but you're constant attempts at putting jokes and maturity in the reactions just come off as unrealistic. This is supposed to be the story of Jaune and his friends right? So why are the reactions not centered around that concept? They are watching the lives of other people, not an anime, remember that.
5/12 c14 Stratos263
Well shit more trouble coming for jaune
5/7 c14 Henry Townshend1
next please
5/6 c14 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter of this reaction story. Hope you are doing well and staying safe.
5/5 c14 romeoaifesili
New chapter came on: Yes!

Next chapter coming midsummer: aw man.

But I am anticipating their reaction to whole Reroreroreo scenes and realize that was the only thing the imposter got right about Kakyoin.
5/5 c14 61Sai Kunai Blade
It's finally here! This was a great chapter. The reactions were believable while still being very funny. I love how they're getting into the series.
5/5 c14 X3runner
Nice to see this story moving along and glad to see mama arc in the grandbaby having mood. I wonder though would she visualize a cute purple or silver eyed grandkid or maybe a kitty eared one hell Jolyne seared her hair up in two buns which can resemble eared of sorts (vaguely)
5/5 c14 Nemonobody001
Great chapter please update more often if possible
5/5 c14 1ZeR09
Didn't even notice there was an update. Welcome back! Sorry for your loss.
5/5 c14 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and welcome back :)
5/5 c13 4Monster King
I hope everything is okay you are doing a good job
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