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7/9 c1 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
3/28 c1 magitech
My thoughts about my no adult noticed Harry's condition is simple, Dumbledore put spells on Harry so no one paid attention to the abuse, and probably make sure the Dursley's treated him badly.
Or we have to believe that every person who interacted with Harry was a complete bastard in the tradition of Oliver Twist.
After all, he needed a friendless, abused and malleable child he could manipulate into walking to his death and a loving family interfered with his only plan to defeat Voldemort.

The idea of getting off his butt and risking his own skin to defeat Voldemort terrified the dark protecting coward. Canon gave me the impression that Dumbles was always the last to arrive at any battle.
3/22 c1 85RebeccaRoy
I love this, I love Harry getting a family that loved and wanted him.
3/10 c1 Luminous-Wave
This is really fast paced, which I like. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
3/9 c1 1Arnie1701
Not a bad start, though it feels a bit rushed.
3/9 c1 RoGuE1989
I never liked how it was so overlooked that he was neglected even when I was a kid I didnt understand how no one noticed
3/9 c1 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
That was cute. I like it. Usually not my favorite type of fic as Harry staying with the Tonks family typically means he can't be paired with best girl Tonks, but again I liked it

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