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for Honesty

7/3 c5 12WishfulWriting
I really enjoyed this story and the relationship portrayed amongst the family. I agree Loki should have learned the truth at a far younger age. I liked how you gave Loki time alone with each of his family members - the dynamic is so different with each one of them.
5/28 c5 4TheDeathChamber
Loving and thoughtful characterization with a great range of emotion. A good read; thank you for sharing!
1/28 c5 35Courtesy Trefflin
I really enjoyed this story. Honestly, Odin and Frigga should have told Loki when he was younger, before the bias against Jotuns was entrenched in him so deeply. I loved Loki’s conversation with Frigga. I’m glad she was able to help him. And it was nice to see Thor doing everything in his power to make Loki feel better. Seeing as Loki already knows the truth, it will have a major impact on the future, and I imagine they’ll get a happier ending. Thank you for writing this story! I loved every bit of it! :D
9/24/2020 c5 14IBJoyful
A very nice story. All of them seemed very true to their characters.
8/23/2020 c5 12vonny25
So sweet
7/24/2020 c4 wintersmith
I liked Frigga saying that while Laufey had sired Loki, that was it. He was never Loki's father, nor the woman who bore him his mother. It was Odin and Frigga who were there raising him and shaping him into the person he became. And I liked you slipping in the 'am I not your mother?' line, because young Loki doesn't have the 'dad threw me in the dungeons' grudge against Odin that canon Loki did when asked that, so he doesn't force himself to deny her just to be able to mulishly insist that Odin isn't his father. Because he knows he can't claim one but not the other (parents and their trick questions!) and he obviously desperately wants Frigga to continue to be his mother. And even though he doesn't admit it out loud, his actions more than say 'yes you are' when he throws himself into her arms to cry. A lovely scene.
3/13/2020 c1 10A. L205
C'est génial ! Super histoire, les comportements de chacun des personnages leurs correspondent vraiment.
3/10/2020 c1 59Windy Darlington
Ohmyword my HEART! Just floods of tears! This was perfection!
3/10/2020 c1 17pietoraven36
Wow, this was astounding. I love that Odin tells him he can leave. Not because he hates him or anything like people say, but because he is his father. I don't know why I loved that so much, but I did. I love that Frigga was crying. I can't believe Odin made Loki tell Thor instead of telling him himself. But, again, that seems just like Odin. He doesn't coddle Loki, but he treats him with all of the respect he should be. Along with a hint of that withholding of love he shows. But. This was awesome. Absolutely awesome. Great job!

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