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8/2/2020 c1 18tallsunshine12
I loved this episode the best! Thanks for giving me a reminder of it.
4/5/2020 c1 52Signy1
Oh, nicely, *nicely* done. The breathless scansion- especially that last bit, with the shortening lines- does a good job of conveying the controlled panic in the words. Some great single lines, too- the repetition, contrasting 'out of luck/ Soon out of reach' is evocative, and I liked the grim reminder 'does not mean they'll never miss.' Nice job.
3/11/2020 c1 18Ennui Enigma
The short stanzas present a brisk and urgent pacing to this poem. Very apt in nature to the overall message. I love how much you can convey in this 'minute read' as well! Most enjoyed. Thank you.
3/10/2020 c1 71snooky-9093
A very timely piece of work that deftly portrays, as you said, the brief, unexpected moment where everything can come crashing down. It appears our rewatch is continuing to foment creativity!

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