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8/6 c7 14FFAMasquerade2005
I don't think I've actually stopped to review this story yet, sorry! I keep meaning to and then I get distracted. Glad you updated!
8/5 c7 Behindblueeyes.x
Well..that's a corner of your mind I didn't expect to find myself in! But I am heeeeeere for it!
The ship has officially sailed and I love it!
The nagging Voice of Emma and Allan's reassurance has me weak my heart
(ngl though, glad the gross bit is over and done with...as amazing written as it was, as always..hehe love you don't hate me)
7/28 c6 3ChiTown4ever
I'm looking forward to finding out what Emma is hiding. Allan never got the love story he deserved on the show, so I'm glad you're giving him one! I'm sorry you're going through a rough time and hope this story is bringing you some joy. It's really brightening my day to read it. :)
6/19 c6 Behindblueeyes.x
Can this story just...go on forever please? Allan and Emma's relationship gives me the happy feels T_T no really.. they're sassy and they have each others back, we love to see it

6/17 c6 Alunarpurest
Wow, off to a great start as usual with Emma giving Allan an eyeful of her derriere! & Then Her saying she'd have her hands full of him & him cheekily replying with the eyebrow raise & 'now we're talking' ! ahhhhh, the naughtiness of it, I adore it.
Tilly telling Allan that him & Emma are always looking like they want to kiss each other all the time and that Emma is funny & a good cook! I'd say they were damn fine reasons for getting hitched! Is Tilly the best little wing-woman around?
& Allan dancing with Tilly in his arms, the 3 of them are almost a ready made little family unit! It's adorable.
And what the hell happened with that lord Ruffard & Sir Robert & Emma? we need to find out, it's all very intriguing.
I love your writing so much, you pull me in with the conversation & banter & it's easy to be lead along & it all feels so natural like I'm there with them.
I'm really looking forward to the next installment.
5/30 c5 1KittyHill
Wonderful new installment in this story.

Firmest things first, have I mentioned how much I LOVE the fact that the horse’s name is Roger? Because I do. Very dignified. Or naughty, depending on your PoOV.

But on with the story. Emma’s quick wit and dry humor continue to delight me. She is fun and feisty—just how I like my heroine. Also, Allan is a good ‘in and I’m living for his character getting justice in this retelling.

What else:
-Allan has no special whistle
-Much, though overcome by emotions still makes sure everyone has eaten—hope it wasn’t squirrel surprise
-Emma is in charge of everyone—as it should be
-Robin being put in his place—let’s face it, he needs it!
-But oh, Big Little John Little scolding Emma for speaking truth to power, I do not like. John, you’re on probation!

Can’t wait for my next date with this merry band of lunatics!
5/29 c5 Alunarpurest
This was SO great, I was gripped from start to finish. I absolutely loved the trepidation of them creeping into the outlaw territory but also making jokes to each other & Allan 'fake' telling her off. & Her burying her face in his shoulder. I loved Robin levelling his bow at Allan & then Emma emerging from her cloak! It was dramatic & pretty cute because she didn't want Allan to get hurt!
& Then having lots of lovely time with Much & them all eating dinner together! & Then Emma going on a polital rant about the king & Djaq liking her! Yay! & Allan realising that Emma had somehow allowed him to return to Robin's camp, something that had seemed impossible. Emma had bridged the gap. Oh god & her teasing his neck with her lips! OMG she's a fierce woman! I adore her!
'I like Diccon'!? Aghahahaha
& Allan getting very protective, he wasn't going to take a kiss from her because someone was forcing the situation. & I quote - "It will be because I mean it, and because you want it. Not a moment before," - oh bloody hell, can this man tell the rest of the world! What a bloody star!
I loved EVERY single second of this, it was like a full blown frickin episode!
5/26 c4 Alunarpurest
I love how this starts, Allan carried her up to her bedroom, in his arms & she missed it!? NooooOoo! That's the only criticism I have for this chapter because I loved every second of it. I loved how sweet he was to her & how he gave himself away a little when he went all protective & then again when he thought she was leaving.
I really liked that little scene where she asked him to shut the door & he went to leave through it & she stopped him. There's something so cute about that. & then Emma confiding in him & then him telling her he was one of Robin's men. It's all so satisfying & gorgeous. They have a special bond now, especially with that added moment they shared. I know you implied that they'd never talk about those things but I kinda want him to ask her what happened.
I really enjoy your writing. & Your innuendos are hilarious & are getting pretty darn steamy, I'm not even sure that you're technically allowed to call them innuendos...I'm blushing. I honestly can't wait for the next part because I love Emma & Allan ...but I really like your Allan, I wouldn't mind him getting his leeches on me! ... wait What!
I used the word 'love' way too many times but it's the truth.
5/14 c4 Behindblueeyes.x
Okay this was the best thing I'm going to read all day.
Once again you have pulled through with the perfect amount of wit, flirting and tbh, cuteness. ALLAN AND EMMA ARE SO CUTE OKAY I LOVE THEM.
4/2 c3 Alunarpurest
Oh I love this. I adore your writing. I mean... 'Legendary Dumplings'...! Can I patent that as a business name?
He actually landed on top of her, what an introduction, now THAT is what I call a serious meet-cute. I really like Emma but I really shouldn't be surprised by this fact as your characters are always great. I like that she's plump too, YAY for the curvy girls!
Much is so adorable too & him getting all emotional was so sweet. I liked the fact that you wrote about him getting the feeling that something was coming, which is a lovely touch & quite a beautiful, intriguing way to end a chapter. It makes you look ahead & it kinda makes the reader feel like they have insider information, it's satisfying, I love that.
...'I was going to ask you to bone my fish'...
oh god, the innuendos, as usual, you're the queen of innuendo. It makes me smile so much, he's so cheeky but she's another level. Cheeky innuendos give me life.

Not only are you a great writer but it all flows perfectly & takes me on a journey full of humour & wit. Brilliant stuff as always, Pleeeeeeeease continue soon. I love you with a passion.
4/2 c3 Behindblueeyes.x
YAASSS another wonderful chapter, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions!
I love the way Emma takes no shit and is so quick, she's everything I aspire to be..
And of course, the *epic* innuendo strikes again!
Cannot wait for the next installment, I'm waiting even more eagerly than the last time! Thank you so much for the effort you're putting into this story, it's VERY much appreciated!
4/1 c3 Guest
3/18 c2 Behindblueeyes.x
O. Em. Geeeeee.
I don't know how because the first chapter was awesome, but this chapter is eeeeven better!
Well, I suppose because you cannot compare the two, they are both amazing in their own ways! The instant spark in Allen and Emma's relationship, and the solid loyalty running through Much and Robins relationship both leave me with heart eyes!
I absolutely adore the way you write, and I especially found myself lost in the campfire scene, the little details like Robin nodding to Will and having him understand, the easy banter between Robin and Much switching into serious empathy and concern, I just. I'm here for it.
And..you can *feel* the emotions you can tell you've had the pain of losing someone because it flows through Much, and his bittersweet memories of his sister.
I'm absolutely looking forward to the next chapter, you can't leave us waiting to know what's in store for Much!
TL;DR: 10/10 would read again x
3/10 c1 CLAIRE. ME
3/10 c1 Behindblueeyes.x
I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER. Two legendary personalities coming together? Yes please!
More legendary dumpling jokes? Yes please!
I'm living for the little details of mischievous between these two! Please please pleeeease hurry up but take as much time as you need to buT HURRY UP but no pressure buT HURRY UP WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER, I'M SO INVESTED I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCCCHHH
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