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for The Fermi Paradox

9/26 c2 Dragonaut344Doomed
Really really, interesting. I definitely look forward to more! Keep up the good work!
9/17 c2 3blackmagelikesevilpie
This is really interesting. I’ve seen the Stargate Universe cross over to Mass Effect But not this way. Really looking forward to the Ancient’s reaction to a Harvester in their backyard.
9/12 c2 1kitten198485
great story so far
9/6 c2 1Firehelper
I like it so far
8/28 c2 Mayhem296
Very interesting so far!
Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/21 c1 KomoriCodrutz
8/19 c2 BridgeBurn100
Wow I was not expecting to like this as much as I do. Keep up the great work!
7/28 c2 Orgun22
WoooW Very Good Work .
I think that you write a well tought out story. THANKS

I don't know who thit say it
(Human's have the ability to beautifull dreams, and to the worst and horro filled Nightmare's)
or something similar.
7/25 c2 deitarionSSokolow
It's rare that I find a story that properly intrigues me... this is one such story.
7/24 c2 2Quintain Apprentince of Alduin
You had my notice. Now you have my attention.
7/18 c2 shypunk
this fic is awesome love how you are doing keep doing what your doing its golden bro golden
7/17 c2 1Glrasshopper
This has great potential. Not sure where you are going with it, but at this stage it doesn't matter as you have already captured my interest.
7/16 c2 Majora6295
Fuck that was amazing keep up the great work!
7/11 c2 Guest
7/11 c2 2predator1701
As one of my favorite things from Halo and is also true in real life. There is always one unifying force that can bring humanity together, the presence of a common enemy.

Without realizing it the Reaper just accelerated the unification of the Tau'ri. The Stargate program is about to get a major boost in personnel and resources. The rise of the Fifth race has now commenced.
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