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for The Warden's Dark Past

1/14 c10 246vili
We can just hope that Jaune will be able to be more convincing to the Mistral Council.

Btw. From the part with Cinder's group I assume it's around the second semester at Beacon, same as canon. Which means just a few months passed since Jaune was expelled... while he was fighting for decades in Harmony.

Will you explain how much time passed on Remnant? And how is this time difference (or whatever this is) even possible? I bet it's connected to the veil or field that separated Harmony from Remnant and possibly to the third god Salem mentioned, but I really hope it will be a good explanation. Because the story so far is too good to be ruined by not giving us a good theory for it.

I was wondering if this Apollyon is the REAL one or not, but the end of the chapter explained it to me.
Just imagining 150 Blackstones with unlocked Aura, huntsmen-level (or Atlas army-level) weapons, led by this "New Apollyon"... Just two words.


Keep up the good work.
1/8 c9 246vili
So the Tram AQUA chapters will go way back (even before Jaune's time), when Apollyon attended Beacon.
I'm actually looking forward to find out how did Remnant shaped her to be the warmonger she became eventually.
My first guess is she ended up with a mentality similar to Raven's about "the strong live, the weak dies".
And maybe it lead to the realisation that what she did was just her plan to prepare Ashfeld for the eventual attack from Grimm by making everyone a strong warrior... or dead.
1/7 c8 246vili
Menagerie needs people to fight off the Grimm, but Huntsman are expensive. The fighters of Harmony want a place to start a new life and aint afraid to fight for it, like they did for a Millenia.

I think I clearly see where the meeting between Ghira and Mercy went.

And to think Kali's grandfather was most likely a shinobi from the Mire. That would explain Blake's ninja skills.

Good story so far. Keep up the good work.
12/3/2020 c9 franco1234
The idea of making chapters to fill the gaps in the story is good, I like it.
a doubt, I know that jaune is a warden, but can he also use a shield?
Why would I see it as a mix between warden and black prior, thus representing the weapons he uses, a shield and a long sword that can be used with both 2 or 1 hand ... that or a sword and a greatsword.
it's just to find out, and what do you think about it.
11/29/2020 c8 franco1234
good chapter, and good that you came back.
a doubt, the Chinese will be also, or will not appear? I'm still going to continue reading, it's just to get rid of the doubt.
11/12/2020 c7 Guest
Liking this so far but could you give an estimated upload schedule? Like once a month or something?
8/6/2020 c5 Rider126
Loving this so far
8/1/2020 c5 2Wom1
Generally nice, the only badly written part was Jaune explaining his story to the other 2 leaders as it was hard to follow and repeated itself several times. The factions do have names as well and are never called factions in universe (plus saying factions and faction leader all the time is just clunky). After the events of the campaign the knights are united under the Iron Legion, the vikings under the Warborn, and the samurai still have the Dawn Empire with an emperor.

Other then that the story is decently written and is in the better half of stories on the sight.
6/10/2020 c4 DarkySunRise
What an interesting concept! I'm glad I found this story. I'm curious for what is coming next ! :)

I will be frank, the structure of the text of the first chapters made me hesitate to continue. But, we can clearly see the improvement.

As you said in chapter 4, an upgrade of the old chapters will help and it will attract more readers.

Continue your good work and I await the next update!
6/10/2020 c4 MrSunshine744
thanks for the chapter, it's an interesting fic, I'm looking forward to where it goes
3/18/2020 c2 1The Teletrap
It feels like I’m reading a script. Not that it’s a bad thing.

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