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for A Second Chance

10/16 c6 8Katla1
Holy heck! There is not a fanfiction out there that I look forward to more, right now.

Anakin sleeping was so soft, and I love it. Another moment to add to my feels trip. And the description of the /darkness/ was... woah. Anakin feels so different, and I love how you showed this from Obi's POV.
/Do you remember how you felt when Master Jinn died?/ Straight up burst into tears here. :'(

"And please, call me Padme" Not gonna lie, this felt out of nowhere in such a tense moment.

The conversation with the Council was not at all like I thought it would be, but it was amazing! The fact the all the shatterpoints have moved, that the balance of the Force itself has shifted so powerfully, IS INCREDIBLE. I'm so glad you included this detail!

Fantastic chapter, as usual. A highlight of my day!
10/15 c1 Guest
Suggestion that would be interesting to see the Thrawn alliances book shows Vader knew abt the bendu it is left unclear if he knew ahsokas affiliation it would be interesting to see him Kenobi ahsoka all go see him before he confronts sidious
10/15 c5 Guest
It was Tarkin who pressured the Jedi High Council to expel Ahsoka in the first place.
10/15 c5 Guest
Have Anakin kill Tarkin.
10/14 c6 Mike
Good chapter! Wonder if the Emperor is sensing any of this?
10/14 c6 Luvvykitty
I LOVED it, the character development is crucial and was spot on in this update! Thanks for sharing your gift :)
10/14 c6 12gammaxmen80
Anakin needs to get his shit together. Because if the Council sensed the change in the Force, then so did Sidious.
10/14 c6 Duellist
I like. Well done.
10/14 c2 Duellist
I like the premise, but I have to tell you up-front that rehashing the same scene from the POV of the only other character in it in the first place isn’t really wonderful. If multiple POV are needed, let them come out the first time. Otherwise, I recommend that you tell the story from one POV, at least for the chapter or scene, and don’t re-hash it.
10/8 c5 2SnowflakesandMozart
I read chapter 4 when you posted, but I didn't have time to write a real response, so I just kept the tab open on my tablet. Then, before I could write that review, you posted again! Good on you! :-)

These two chapters aren't filled with much plot, but this one in particular does so much for character. It's obvious that Obi-Wan wants to make things right with Anakin, and it's both amusing and sad that Anakin doesn't even know why he's apologizing. Though I confess I was hoping they would reach Padme's apartment in this chapter, it ends in a good place with Anakin uneasily caught between the peace that's infusing him and his own urgency to fix everything. Nice work!

P.S. This story isn't showing up on my notifications, even though I was sure I had followed it. Anyway, I've corrected the oversight now!
10/7 c5 7SkyPalaceBuilder
This fic is really interesting so far. It's tricky to get down the characterization of a post-ROTJ Anakin thrown into time, but I think so far you've done alright with it, I don't think I could do as well.

I like the characterizations so far. I mean this as a compliment but it really feels like it could fit within the prequels films themselves.
10/7 c5 8Katla1
Yay yay yay! Another chapter! :D
Wow. I have so much to say about this one!

Anakin can feel /wind/ in his /hair/! He can smell, see colour, /breath/ on his own!
Also how you write Obi-Wan's concern and LOVE means so much to me! It's so beautiful and you write it so perfectly!

And oh my word, Vader is still crouching inside him!
This makes /perfect/ sense. Just because Anakin does one good deed (killing Palps to save Luke) doesn't mean everything will be good and easy again. He's human! He'll struggle. The Council is STILL wrong about things. His dark thoughts still make sense on certain issues. I find this realistic and I'm so glad you're taking the story in this direction.

Watching Anakin's thought process in this chapter is incredible. He's starting to work out where in the timeline he has landed and what that means. His goal to kill Palpatine and save Padme, even at the cost of his life, is incredible. His dark thoughts are IAERNPIEMERGHNN INCREDIBLE. He straight up contemplated suicide! That's insane! And yet, as sad as it is, there is logic behind the decision, and that makes it scarier. How you write all these dark thoughts stalking him is scary. It's so good!

I love the moment where Obi tries to apologize and start a conversation but Anakin isn't aware of what they're talking about. He doesn't know where their relationship is at, or what has happened over the past few months in this past setting. I love this detail.

I had to go out after seeing the notification in my email, but the entire time I was out I was daydreaming about this fic and how it might go. I love this story so much! Keep up the good work!
10/6 c5 Mike
Good story, good chapter!
10/6 c5 deathcorn5
great chapter I don't any problems with this one I only hope you can update faster
10/6 c5 2Mister Cuddlesworth
Huzzah, new chapter! I'm very interested to see how Anakin tries to readjust to being himself again while trying to take down Sidious.
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