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for Konosuba Mask

1/19 c3 Hatred and Love
Haha, this is awesome. The humor from both the Mask and Konosuba works really well here.
1/17 c3 Cylon One
The Konosuba world was entertaining before, but it looks to be become even more so with the Mask in the picture.
This story's a lot of fun so far and I bet it'll be that way for the majority of it.
No surprise Aqua recognized Loki's mask.
I'm guessing it got lost in the system before it was to end up in a vault in Asgard or something.
Great chapter and can't wait for next time.
1/16 c3 6XWorrior1113
Once again, Kazuma thinks he's cheated the system to get a good deal only to be messed up by the strange reality
8/10/2020 c2 Jigsaw.ac
I enjoyed these first two chapters and now I just want this story to continue.
7/21/2020 c2 timelord5646
funny i love it
7/20/2020 c2 Dcraus
Stanley x Aqua
the Mask x Darkness
7/18/2020 c2 Guest
See the mask be so more effective in the stupidest way possible is why I'm glad to see this story back. Also are you going for and Aqua x Stanly pairing. That would make a lot of sense the more I think about it
7/18/2020 c2 49ptl
Oh my god, could you imagine Kazuma or anyone of his party with the Mask, I mean the mask itself, not just Stanley.
I bet Kazuma suspects Stanley is someone from Earth and all those cartoony powers are his cheat ability.
7/18/2020 c2 1Some Random Marine
Man I haven't seen the mask in a wail but I really enjoyed this and it made me forget about Son of the Mask.
4/27/2020 c1 Escanor
I want to read more.
4/18/2020 c1 Eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreer
When the next chapterm
3/17/2020 c1 starwarrior247
This is extremely good pls
Keep it up
3/11/2020 c1 6XWorrior1113
Wow, the infinite power of the mask that has to help Kazuma... wait the mask never does what anyone says... this should be fun

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