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for This Captain Wears Red

7/10 c1 Lusa
I like this story very much! !I'm looking forward to Luffy's reward order being seen by the White Beard Pirates, and they will be very forward to your update, please don't give up this novel.
6/14 c9 destroyerAli
how is a new world 350.000.000 berry whitebeard pirate unable to one shot a 17.000.000 berry east blue cannon fodder?
4/24 c38 6starelight
Good job! I finish the first story. It was good and sad and gave me idea for a story. I wold ask permission from you first of
Course. Love the powers and the change! I also like this story as well! Good job with the small changes. I hope we can read more one day.
4/7 c38 paradoxreader
quite interesting concept that has been going on n hope it is develop more...wonder if luffy already know or has the king haki hahaha and if yes why hasn't he use it...also wonder what haru will do to Ace or sabo when they meet and what will they all do ..Just know it's gonna be a epic scene XD
4/6 c38 clementine4869
hey... awesome story waiting for next chapter hope u won't abandon this story
4/4 c17 paradoxreader
it criss my mind and can see boa handcock liking luffy more as they both can feel n empathize more with each other
4/4 c15 paradoxreader
"I've never once killed someone! No matter if I was told to or not! If not killing someone is wrong, then I should have died years ago! Don't let someone like him kill you!" Luffy continued, still not looking at Gin as he spoke." reading this really made me wonder what liffy means since he did kill people in the facilities before...but hope more is explain soon or this is just a lil faux pass
3/7 c3 mshade656
if its mostly cannon , why its called fanfiction?
2/3 c38 YisabelQueen
Hey! ¿Cómo estás? Hace tiempo no sabemos nada de ti, solo esperamos que te encuentres bien:(
¡Mucha gente ama tu historia así que felicitaciones! Esperaremos con ansias la próxima actualización pero esperamos aún más que te encuentres bien, besos
1/23 c38 Guest
Update please
1/17 c38 AnimeChic01
We haven't heard from you in a while so I hope you are all right. Just remember that your work is amazing and I am looking forward to reading the next chapter as soon as it hits.
12/18/2021 c38 imena.williams09
12/18/2021 c26 NeuroSteel
A novelization of the manga with an addition in the form of an "institution" that makes no sense due to the existence of Punk Hazard. Why are there many small, secret objects if the WG has entire islands, closed and overprotected?
Anyway, Luffy, as a character, is fucked up. PTSD is not in Luffy's nature, hysteria - yes, phobias - no, he is too stubborn and simple for this. How can he proudly say that he will become the King of Pirates, the freest man, if he is so weak-willed?
Also, he has all three types of Haki, but more or less only Kenbunseku is used for reconnaissance. There are three gears, but those are fucked up. Why was the second gear used only once and then for movement, and not for battle? Weak opponents are not worthy of attention? Reread the arch of the island of fishmen. Why does he use a Busoshoku Haki only for defense, when by definition it is an attack reinforcement? In short, fucked up.
Expectations are more serious because of the difficult childhood post TS Luffy from the beginning of the story, the reality is a broken and more stupid than in the original (and this says a lot) child who does not use the available opportunities to fulfill his dreams. Fuck.
12/15/2021 c38 yaroslavsmit2015
it turned out well, I hope to continue
12/12/2021 c2 imena.williams09
Love it
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