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for Colony Lost

6/12 c10 naruto namikaze 9
Amazing Work. Unique Story. Must Read. Keep it up.
4/8 c1 Wongjunkit
I'm really liking this already and I'm just in the first chapter.
4/6 c10 4dutchsoldier
While I find the story interesting, I do feel the need to point out a major disrepancy in how you describe eezo technology and what it actually is in ME: ships in mass effect do not have much if any armour by the time of ME1 outside of some light ablative plating to ensure guardian lasers don't slice chunks out of the ships. This being because Eezo cost of ftl, shielding and artificial gravity on a ship starts costing exponentially more. For instance, a single ww2 fighter of 2000 kilograms would cost some 200 to 300 grams of eezo to equip with those things , depending on what quality you want said equipment to have which end it reaches. Meanwhile a 5000 kilogram weighing modern fighter would use somewhere between 1 kilogram and 1.5 kilograms of eezo to have the same level of capabilities. This is one of the main reasons why, despite having a navy of thousands of ships, with a minimum of 4000, the turians only have 40 dreadnoughts, and also why said treaty is not more of a problem to the turians.
4/5 c10 5Lord Of Memory
Oh this is amazing can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work
4/3 c10 Joseph Sage
Just read all your chapters, good story looking forward to seeing where you go.
3/31 c9 C L Walsh
Loving the story so far, can’t wait to see what you do with it
3/27 c9 AbyssWatcher
Damn this deserves more reviews. Keep up the good work. This is so original.
3/24 c8 COLD
Yo man awesome story aye...

Very different upbringing of this human group.

Kinda reminds me of the outer worlds game.
Which is a cool take on a colonising space

Anyway man cool story and I hope to see more soon
3/18 c6 The armed forces
Can’t wait for the next update
3/17 c5 Bloodfox22
And it gets even better. I loved Ken's reactions to the humans, verry real.
3/17 c4 Bloodfox22
Hmmm. This is good. I like it. Good writing.
3/15 c1 2Coment9
3/13 c2 CheesusChrist15
This is really well written
3/13 c1 Guest
Interesting idea.
3/13 c1 1Appbeza
*Secretly since 2009, Earth's Homeworld Command continues to chug out hundreds of Daedalus-class ships upgraded to the brim with Asgard and Ancient technology. Wraith defeated in 2015, exploration of other galaxies begins in earnest.*
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