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10/20 c20 PhoenixDragon90
Always enjoyed your stories.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
10/8 c13 lordfyre94
This chapter sucked just saying
9/18 c22 Sinn3r
Curses! Just one more?
9/14 c22 jericlawas4
ThankYou for the update!

Had to back read a few chapters when I red Sapphire call Nora her daughter, I dont remember that part.
An enjoyable read and I cant wait for more. I'm also looking forward for the update of your other stories.

Stay safe and bless Ya!
8/26 c22 Afro1Ninja8
Amazing chapter can’t wait for the next one.
8/26 c22 Guest
Man Naruto and the gang cleaned shop. I feel kinda bad for hazel. Bro got chocked out and blasted, didn't even get to see his sister.

Blake trying to smash Yang lol, hope Adam doesn't find out

So, is Naruto going to murk ilia?

Salems gang is fineto after this. Seems ozpin got there too late.

Sad this will be the final chapter

Also, I really didn't think u were old, if I may ask, can u give me an age range? Also, how old were u when u 1st discovered both Naruto and RWBY as shows? How'd u get ur start in fanfiction? Just curious and wanting to know. Had an idea to start a lil one of my own but been a lil too scared to take that leap of faith lol.
8/24 c10 Krieger Techpreist
MARASMUS! Get your spectral aass out here and FIGHT ME LIKE ME LIKE A MAN!
- Soldier tf2

Tw horny and strong women...And one poor poor blond...Well hes gonna be a dry husk, huh?
8/21 c19 Guest
This one was short but nice
Adam looking to his pops for rizz guidance
Naruto subsequently telling Adam he better be balls deep in Blake when it's over as well as to catch a dub in the tournament

Naruto threatening Jaunes life should he hurt Pyra
It's nice
8/20 c16 Guest
Awww, emerald being a baby again is pretty dope.

Man, wonder momma is built different. Rip Narutos pelvis, also pyras eyes

Bruh first the main cast NOW Iron wood? Naruto is dad to id say a good 90% of the entire cast. Surprised he hasn't "caught" anything lol
8/20 c15 Guest
Not ozpin pulling a doomsayer/Kratos and tearing through mfs whole laughing lol. Raven low key fucked up sending him there
8/20 c15 Guest
Alriiiiight, spare emerald. I say let her have her mind wiped, althought it's most likely already been done.

Rip cinder. Salem kinda gave me disappointed mom vibes. Like when u see your kid on the news after u told them not to do the exact thing they did.

Yang getting zenkai boosts now? I mean she does give off Saiyan vibes with the hair and semblance.
8/20 c14 Guest
Wow, that's a ROUGH way for Cinder to go out.
Loved the entire fight tho. U did a really good job my guy
"When the lions hungry she eats", not to bash a raw ass line, but Raven does know in her case it's "Lioness" right? Lol

Tyrian is FUCKED.
8/20 c14 Guest
(Raven as she stabs emerald): Goofy bitch, my daughter has mommy issues! Shed never ask for my help!
8/20 c13 Guest
Wow, Tai is basically the King piccolo to Narutos Kami lol. I wonder how that works. Feels very orochimaru esque. Also, yang accepting the beating to fuel herself is pretty dope character development. Id have broken out the moment tyrian pulled up with the stinger tho.

Wow, rays pregnant again. Kinda a bad idea for her to be throwing hands so often then.

With Naruto being the kids parents, does that mean they have chakra?
8/20 c11 Guest
Yo this chapter was nutty.

Salem watching the fight like it's world star

Adam watching shit go down and saying "yeah I want NO smoke"

Naruto breaking up the fight

The possible reveal that Torchwick may have a sister...

Cinder about to fuck her life up with kidnapping yang

And Naruto being a man whore by revealing not ONLY did he fuck summer, Vanessa, raven, Sapphire, but now ADAMS mom? Yeah he's a man whore lol
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